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This style is part of the Beach House collection.

The Social Bag

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Customer reviews


“I am an big fan and exclusively wear MYMARINI swimwear. I deeply cherish your products and the essence they embody. Furthermore, I greatly appreciate your conscientious approach, diligent efforts, and commitment to giving back. I wholeheartedly recommend MYMARINI to everyone I encounter.”


“The design is exquisite, the products are beautiful, and the fit is exceptional. Thank you sincerely for creating a transformative experience in which I no longer feel discomfort when buying swimwear.”


“Thank you so much for this exquisite, delightfully wearable, and stylish bikini. It intensifies the anticipation for summer even further. Once again, it reaffirms why it is truly worth supporting small and innovative labels.”


“Despite the initial hesitation due to its cost, I am happt to say that this swimsuit surpasses all others I have owned. It fits perfectly, looks incredibly stylish, and the material is exceptional. I am even contemplating purchasing a second one for the summer.”


“I constantly receive compliments on my yoga teaching for my new jumpsuit. And the swimsuit I bought is absolutely amazing! I genuinely value the exceptional quality of your collections. Thank you!”