“Living mindfully, I get inspired by everything around me … an old piece of clothes, a color range I see in Nature or a beautiful woman with a great style walking by. I am always inspired by life itself.” – Mareen Burk

Our design formular at MYMARINI

timeless design + high quality material + the thrive for perfection

As a surfer herself, founder and designer Mareen Burk developed the MYMARINI design with regards to functional and longlasting swimwear, which still looks and feels great.

Today, we have timeless and classic collections always available on the one hand and colorful designs on the other hand: The yearly New Summer & Shine Collection. This is our brand’s signature collection. No other styles reflect the MYMARINI lifestyle better than these. Every year we invest six months of our time and lots of heart and soul into the development and selection of our new colours.

All styles are defined by a contemporary look - some collections are more colorful, others combine more earthy colors. The source of inspiration is life itself.

Signature Styles