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Inspiration to design

High-quality materials, timeless designs and a comfortable fit – these are the basic principles of all MYMARINIs.

MYMARINI represents minimalist designs, colors inspired by nature and precisely tailored cuts. We design functional and durable swimwear for our customers to feel comfortable in. Whether for swimming, on the beach or in the spa. Our MYMARINI swimsuits and bikinis ensure you are perfectly dressed wherever you go.

As a passionate surfer, our founder Mareen always keeps an eye on the functionality, durability and perfect fit of our swimwear styles. All designs are sporty, elegant and combine sustainability and style with ease. She seeks inspiration for new colors and cuts in the many facets of life.

"Consciously perceiving life inspires me over and over again ... whether it's an old piece of clothing, a stunning natural spectacle or a chic woman walking past me. If I keep moving mindfully through the world, I am always inspired by life itself." - Mareen Albright, founder of MYMARINI

Our MYMARINI collections

For us, sustainable swimwear means designing timeless collections with a long lasting appeal far from short-term trends.

Almost all of our styles are reversible and offer two styles in one. Thanks to the soft and sustainable material and the sophisticated cuts, they are particularly comfortable and give a unique feeling of comfort. The double-layered fabric ensures perfect support and special soft-shape-effect gently shapes the silhouette. With the right care, MYMARINIs will give you long-lasting pleasure when swimming, surfing or sunbathing.

In addition to our collections in timeless colors which are always available, we also develop new seasonal collections every year. Our founder Mareen lovingly selects new colors and creates new and innovative cuts and lines with her team.

Simple and elegant, sporty and chic: our swimwear ranges from swimsuits to bikini tops, pants and matching ready-to-wear which completes the MYMARINI look. The diverse selection of cuts offers the right design for many body shapes.


Reversible: 2 looks in 1


Perfect fit

From design to reality

Design Process

Finished Bikini

Design classic

The Seabody

The Seabody has been essential to MYMARINI's annual collections since its founding. The design of the Seabody was developed with a functional and durable swimsuit in mind, combining timeless design with the feel-good factor.

Have a look at the history of its creation and pictures from each year since 2013.


This year was the birth of the Seabody. The idea was to design a swimsuit that is like an elegant garment for the water. Since then, the Seabody has been improved and optimized every year in milimeter work.

Mareen Albright in Sri Lanka / Photo by unknown


In 2014, the Seabody was featured for the first time in the magazine of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung and thus helped MYMARINI to the breakthrough. The picture was taken on a trip to Sri Lanka.

Surfer in Sri Lanka / Photo by Mareen Albright


The first professionally organized photo shooting of MYMARINI! True to MYMARINI style, Mareen met Carlotta—the woman in the picture­—at a campsite in France and asked her if she would like to model for MYMARINI.

Carlotta in Denmark / Photo by Tim Wendrich


Sometimes MYMARINI photo shoots happen spontaneously—like in 2016, when Mareen asked this beautiful woman at the beach in France to do a photo shoot with her. Fortunately, she agreed.

Acquaintance in France / Photo by Mareen Albright


These beautiful photos were taken during a trip to visit the production facility in Croatia. Our founder Mareen spontaneously asked Katja at the airport if she would be interested in a photo shoot for MYMARINI.

Katja in Croatia / Photo by Christin Schwarzer


This photos at the natural swimming pools in Azenhas do Mar, Portugal were taken by Filipe Neto, who, like Valeriya, has been involved in the photo productions almost every season since then.

Valeriya Gogunskaya in Portugal / Photo by Filipe Neto


In 2019, Mareen traveled to Costa Rica with her husband Willi and met Diana there. They did a photoshoot at this beautiful dream villa. The result are these great pictures, which let us dream back to this beautiful place immediately.

Diana in Costa Rica / Photo by Mareen Albright


When Mareen had dinner with good friends in a Portuguese restaurant and saw this small bay with perfect waves from the dining table, they couldn't help but get up immediately, unpack the camera and take advantage of the dreamlike atmosphere.

Concha & Gabi in Portugal / Photo by Christin Schwarzer


Mathieu Hemon's photos are always guaranteed to become classics. So are the images from the 2021 photoshoot with Louise Ropagnol in France. He travels around Biarritz for us almost every year to take pictures for our collections.

Louise Ropagnol in France / Photo by Mathieu Hemon


Portugal has long been a travel destination for Mareen, her husband Willi and their good friend and photographer Christin. This was also the case in 2022 when Christin took these pictures of Valeriya Gogunskaya in the morning sun.

Valeriya Gogunskaya in Portugal / Photo by Christin Schwarzer


At MYMARINI, we believe in transparency so that you, the consumer, can make an informed decision. That's why we're committed to providing you with as much information as possible about our products, from the materials we use to the manufacturing process.

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