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Better Packaging

Thank you for choosing a sustainable alternative for shipping your order and for contributing to reducing packaging waste. RePack follows the principles of the circular economy and provides a straightforward and efficient solution for reusable packaging.

A RePack is a sturdy shipping envelope made from recycled polypropylene in a simple black-and-white design that can be reused an average of 20 times! While the CO₂ emissions during the production of RePack may initially be higher than those of an average single-use package, starting from the second use of the reusable packaging, it can significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Why is RePack environmentally friendly?

For most online orders, shipping boxes made of paper or plastic envelopes are used, which end up in the recycling or waste bin after a single use. This not only generates a considerable amount of packaging waste but also requires the continuous production of new shipping containers, consuming valuable resources such as wood and water. In contrast to single-use packaging, reusable packaging like RePacks does not need to be manufactured again. RePacks can be reused an average of 20 times!

Compared to conventional e-commerce packaging (cardboard and plastic bags), RePack can reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 80% and packaging waste by up to 96%.

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Step by step guide

  1. Choose RePack as packaging in the shopping cart for 3,50€.
  2. You will receive your order in a RePack.
  3. Afterward, please return your RePack to the cycle.

Returning empty RePacks

1. Make sure your Repack is completely empty and fold it as illustrated.

2. Fold the small flap with the RePack address and the return postage to the outside so that it is clearly visible.

3. Please, drop the RePack into the nearest post box—and that’s it!

Returning items

IMPORTANT! Make sure to fold the small flap with the RePack address to the inside so that it is not visible.

1. Please use the RePack in which you have received our goods for returning them.

2. Pack the returns carefully and adjust the size of the RePack with the velcro strap.

3. Seal the RePack with the package tape. Please use as little of it as possible for the sake of the environ­ment. Then stick the return label on it and drop it off at the nearest parcel shop. To get your return label, please visit:

Our thank you:

Once you have successfully returned your RePack, you will receive a personal voucher code via email that can be redeemed during the next MYMARINI purchase.

After your RePack has arrived at our facility or the RePack warehouse, it will be processed for reuse and can go on its next journey, repeating this process about 20 times. For more information about RePack x MYMARINI, please read our blog post.

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Our future is circular

Learn how the RePack cycle works and why we love it in our blog post.

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