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Article: Repack - Our future is circular

Repack - Our future is circular

Repack - Our future is circular

Who doesn't know the heaps of cardboard boxes and plastic packaging at home or next to the public recycling containers? Online retail is increasingly contributing to the use of disposable packaging and the resulting waste volumes. According to the Federal Environment Agency, between 1996 and 2017, the consumption of disposable shipping packaging increased by 607% (Umweltbundesamt, 2020).

And we too shipped around 14,200 orders in 2021. So far, our team in the Black Forest lovingly packs your order in our popular MYMARINI box and a shipping carton. In case of returns, we reuse the undamaged boxes and cartons. Packaging material that is not returned usually ends up in the paper waste after only one use and is recycled in numerous steps and with a lot of energy. Thus, disposable packaging, follows the typical linear product cycle from manufacturing to waste stream. At MYMARINI, we are convinced that on a planet with limited resources, rethinking towards circular product systems is an essential step towards a viable future.

REPACK - What is that anyway?

RePack follows the principle of circular economy and offers a concrete and efficient solution for reusable packaging.

A sturdy shipping envelope made of recycled polypropylene in a simple black and white design that can be reused an average of 20 times! In production, the RePack's CO2 emissions are initially higher than those of an average disposable package, but from the second use of the reusable packaging, it can already score with a lower CO2 footprint.


Unlike disposable packaging, reusable packaging does not have to be manufactured again. RePacks can be reused an average of 20 times!

So compared to conventional e-commerce packaging (cardboard and plastic bags), RePack generates up to 80% less CO2 and up to 96% less packaging waste.

You can find more info here.

What changes for us!

Instead of shipping boxes and black MYMARINI box, we purchase RePacks and a sustainable wrapping paper for our Shipping Department. As the costs for the RePacks are significantly higher than our current packaging, but also to emphasize the value of reusable packaging, we ask you to pay a nominal fee of 3,50 € for your RePack. At the same time we reward your choice with a 10€ MYMARINI voucher code for your next purchase. As soon as you have successfully sent your RePack back to the loop, you will receive your personal code by mail. Only when the RePack is being returned the system can work and the advantages compared to disposable packaging can come into effect.

How will it be different for you?

The decision is yours:

  • You can continue to receive our standard packaging consisting of a black MYMARINI box and shipping carton and everything stays the same.
  • You become part of our circular vision and simply choose the original RePack at check-out for a nominal fee of 3,50 €. As soon as your RePack is successfully returned, you will receive a 10€ voucher code for your next MYMARIN purchase - for you or a friend!

More details about shipping and returns with RePack can be found here.

It's a start

Implementing projects like these requires a lot of time and sweat in the background. During our internal testing phase, we kept running into minor hurdles. One of them is the way we ship the items, where after a lot of consideration we don't want to do without a little "disposable" packaging material. So that your products arrive neatly and well protected, we use a thin wrapping graspaper. In case of a return, you can wrap your items again in the protective paper and use the RePack for the return shipment. It is also very suitable as a gift wrap, for example.

Now, it's time for the finetuning: Our declared goal is to have a positive impact on the environment and society. Therefore, we intend to offer you in the future, in parallel to the 10 € MYMARINI voucher, other rewards to choose from, which do justice to our mission.

We were convinced by the concept and design, and it fits perfectly with our vision of a circular company. We dream of sending all MYMARINI orders in RePacks one day in the future - What do you think?

We are looking forward to your reactions and suggestions about MYMARINI x RePack and hope that we can send your next order in an original RePack.

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