What you can expect

MYMARINI is all about teamwork, sustainablity, personal freedom and friendship. The MYMARINI headquarter is located in beautiful Hamburg. In this office our team, among other things, plan the new collections, maintain the online store and deal with customer concerns. We place great value on a good working relationship and open communication.

A great team that looks to the future together. Our office is located in the middle of the Schanze in the beautiful Old Pianoforte Factory. In addition, you have the possibility to work flexibly in a home office. A working week with us is 37.5 hours and you have 33 vacation days per year.

Job postings

Sales talent wanted! (m/f/d)

MYMARINI was founded to make the swimwear market more sustainable and to have a positive impact on our planet and its inhabitants. Our aim is to cr...

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Sounds good? Please send an email to jobs@mymarini.com

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The people behind MYMARINI

Ethical design made in Hamburg. The people behind MYMARINI aren’t just employees; we share the same values, passions, and aspirations.

By now our team counts 24 employees, plus some freelancers. While the core team emerged from MYMARINI’s circle of friends and acquaintances, people with a wide variety of stories and professions have since become part of the MYMARINI family. New team members are selected not only for their skills, but also for whether they’re a good fit for our corporate culture.

Good working relationships and open communication are of utmost importance to us. Each and every one of us is driven by the vision of bringing about systemic change through our daily actions. And sometimes we must slow ourselves down to manage the workload according to our ideas of a healthy work-life balance.

Our team in Hamburg

The MYMARINI headquarters are located in the beautiful city of Hamburg. This is where we plan the new collections, maintain the online store, and address your concerns. We attach great importance to establishing a good working relationship and open communication.

Our team in the Blackwood Forest

From the Black Forest to the world: Our shipping team, with two full-time and three part-time employees, is based in Triberg in the Black Forest. Here, all orders are packed with love and shipped to their destination. Annette, the mother of MYMARINI’s founder Mareen, has been managing the shipping center since 2016.