MYMARINI is a fair fashion designer label from Hamburg, founded to have a positive impact on our planet and its inhabitants. Our business is all about family, people and the environment.

We are proud of what we are putting out into the world and are confident in our mission to be part of an overdue change in the fashion industry. We prove that design and sustainability go together and are mindfully creating our own standards according to our core values.

We believe in the good in people and in the innovative power of humanity.


MYMARINI was founded in 2013 by Mareen Burk, a passionate surfer and former art director with a vision to create eco-friendly, high-quality swimwear. 

She had quit her job in 2012 and travelled to Colombia, where she surfed and lived a very simple and free life for seven months. So close to nature she realized that the current situation and production of swim- and surfwear was literally unbearable. Neither sustainable nor produced under fair circumstances, with bad qualities and the designs either too sporty, too young or too chic and therefore not functional.

The idea of her own company came to her mind and soon MYMARINI was born! A grown up, fashionable and at the same time functional label that designs and produces swimwear with a minimal impact on the planet and with respect for every person involved.

2013 Mareen Burk brings ethical Swimwear-Label MYMARINI to life.
2015 MYMARINI is featured in the German magazine „Brigitte“ – the brand awareness rises and the company grows.
2016 Annette Burk, Mareens mother, takes over the logistic department and from now on MYMARINIs are shipped from the Black Forrest.
2017 Better together: William Albright, Mareens partner, becomes shareholder in the company.
For the first time MYMARINI is present on fashion fairs in Berlin and Paris. A good decision: The cooperation with a Swiss department store begins – until today one of MYMARINI´s largest retailers.
The MYMARINI Retreats start: The perfect choice for customers to dive into the MYMARINI lifestyle including surfing, yoga and delicious food.
2018 The Flagship Store opens in Hamburg.
2019 Lia Bernard starts as the first employee, enriching the company with her expertise.
2020 The MYMARINI family is constantly growing, by the end of the year 12 employees are part of the company.
The Collection is extended and now MYMARINI also offers Retreat Wear made from Organic Cotton.
More space is needed: The Office moves into the „Old Piano Factory” right in the middle of Hamburg.
2021 The first MYMARINI magazine is launched.

„If you are content with your own life, you can also do good for others and the planet.”Mareen, founder and designer at MYMARINI, truly believes that having time to make conscious choices is the key to a fulfilled life.

We at MYMARINI know that being part of the (fashion) industry comes with the responsibility to be part of the change towards a cleaner and fairer world. We are doing our best to produce in tune with nature and follow our mission of building a brand that enriches the life of everyone involved – from the people sourcing the material to our customers all over the world. We believe and are driven by the power of inspiration and are constantly working on our goal to set new standards in the fashion industry.


It is important to us to give something back and to make an impact. Expanding for us means more than anything that we can achieve more, instigate more and do more good for the world. When we thought about what we could really do to combat climate change, the subject of education kept cropping up. For us water is a very important topic – even though it is omnipresent, it doesn’t always get a lot of attention. We want to draw attention to the different aspects, educate people and want people to get more involved in what we do.

Part of this mission is our new magazine, which we have created and is sent out with every order. We really want our customers to have the chance to see what drives us, who is working for MYMARINI and meet the inspiring people we are lucky to have on board.

Learn more about us from Mareen, founder and designer from MYMARINI in the following