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Our philosophy & story

How it all started

MYMARINI was born out of a love for the ocean, nature and surfing. Mareen Albright, the founder and designer of MYMARINI, took a break from her professional life in 2012 to travel and dedicate herself to surfing. While searching for sustainable swimwear that was not only suitable for surfing, but also modern and elegant, Mareen realized how far conventional swimwear was from being produced in a resource-efficient and sustainable way. She wanted to change that. For herself, for society and for the environment. She wrote her first business plan during her travels. Back in Germany, she founded the sustainable swimwear label MYMARINI in Hamburg in 2013.

„We want to use our success to do good for people and the environment. For us, success also means ensuring that the next generation has a beautiful world to live in.“

MYMARINI founder and designer Mareen Albright

What is important to us

Swimwear that meets new standards in ethics, aesthetics and quality is the foundation of MYMARINI. We focus on responsible and resource-friendly production and a holistic approach to sustainability in all areas of our company. We want to help shaping the fashion industry in a sustainable way and actively contribute to change.

And we want to give something back to society and environment, whether through financial support for projects we care about, such as the Social Surf Club, or ecological projects, such as the MYMARINI forest, which generates additional groundwater every year.

What we want to achieve

As an impact brand, our aim is to effect change. We believe that by collaborating, we can foster awareness in society for mindful consumption and advocate for fair pricing of high-quality products. For us, growth means achieving greater impact and contributing more positively to the world. We are continuously advancing our sustainability initiatives, prioritizing transparency in all our endeavors. That's why our Impact Board highlights our ongoing, upcoming, and accomplished projects, demonstrating our dedication to a more conscientious approach to the world.

Vision & mission

MYMARINI includes a team of confident water enthusiasts with a clear vision: we aim to become the globally leading sustainable designer swimwear brand, defining new standards in ethics, aesthetics and quality.

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Mymarini Milestones


In 2013, MYMARINI's journey began when founder Mareen had the idea for the brand in Columbia during a long trip with her husband Willi.


In 2014, MYMARINI saw milestones with the release of its first photoshoot featuring friends and the launch of its inaugural swimwear collection for men. Back then Mareen sold the MYMARINIs from her old living room in Hamburg.


MYMARINI celebrated its first press feature in the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine, marking a significant milestone in its growing recognition.


MYMARINI continues to expand, and as our shipping needs increase, Annette Burk, Mareen's mom, manages all shipping processes. She continues to oversee operations at our shipping warehouse in Triberg untill 2023.

From an online shop to a physical store. MYMARINI swimwear is now available at the first brick-and-mortar store, Hello Love, in Hamburg, Eppendorf.


MYMARINI expands globally by showcasing our styles at trade shows in Berlin and Paris.

Mareen's friend, Christin Schwarzer, begins photographing our collections and remains an integral part of the team to this day, now working at MYMARINI as Impact Manager.


We achieve a significant milestone with the opening of our first 30-square-meter MYMARINI Store in Hamburg, Eimsbüttel. Our shipping department relocates to a new warehouse in the Black Forest. Furthermore, an increasing number of stores begin to carry our swimwear, such as with Amour Fou, a lingerie shop in Vienna.


We introduce our second print, featuring palm trees, as part of the NEW SUMMER 2019 collection. The photoshoot for this collection takes place in Costa Rica.


Our team expands to twelve members within just a year, necessitating more space. MYMARINI relocates to a new office with a showroom in the heart of Hamburg, in the Schanzenviertel.

As per tradition, we conduct our annual photoshoot in Portugal with Concha and Gabi, two close friends of Mareen and Willi.


A significant milestone on our journey towards our long-term goal of groundwater neutrality: 90 percent of our collections are now certified as groundwater-neutral, in collaboration with Klimapatenschaft GmbH.

Mareen and Evelin with our NEW SUMMER and SHINE Collections.


Our flagship store undergoes a significant expansion, increasing from 30 square meters to over 190 square meters. The larger space allows for ample room, abundant natural light, and a stunning interior design featuring charming details.

Supporting social heart projects remains a priority for MYMARINI and we collaborated with the Social Surf Club e.V. to host the first Girls Surfcamp, providing 20 girls with the opportunity to enjoy a week of surfing in Denmark.


Despite Mareen's absence from on-location photoshoots due to her pregnancy, our team's journey to Morocco for this season's campaign proved to be a resounding success.

With almost 30 dedicated individuals, our swimwear line has expanded to over 100 locations across Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, including our MYMARINI physical flagship store in Hamburg and our online shop.