What we believe in

“If you’re happy with your own life, you can do good for others and the planet.” – Mareen Burk, founder and designer of MYMARINI.

Created to make a difference

As a swimwear label, we’re part of the fashion industry. With that comes the responsibility for us to help shape the industry in a sustainable way, and to drive change towards a cleaner and fairer world. We do our best to produce our clothing in harmony with nature, and to pursue our mission of building a brand that enriches the lives of everyone involved – from the people who source the materials, to you, our customers. We’re proving that fashion and sustainability go together, and we’re mindfully setting our own standards to match our core values.

Where we go from here

It is important to us to give something back and to make an impact. Expanding for us means more than anything that we can achieve more, instigate more and do more good for the world. When we thought about what we could really do to combat climate change, the subject of education kept cropping up. For us water is a very important topic – even though it is omnipresent, it doesn’t always get a lot of attention. We want to draw attention to the different aspects, educate people and want people to get more involved in what we do.

Learn more about us from Mareen, founder and designer from MYMARINI in the following video: