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Eppendorfer Weg 86, 20259 Hamburg/Germany

Monday to Friday 09.00h - 16.00h

How to Care


It is very important for us that you can enjoy your MYMARINI swimsuit for a long time. Therefore it’s important to take care of it. In order to maintain color and elasticity we recommend rinsing your MYMARINI (after bathing in salt or chlorinated water) with clear water and by hand. If you wish to wash your MYMARINI in the washing machine, please do not wash it warmer than 30 degrees Celsius. Use environmentally friendly detergent and to avoid micro waste we recommend using the Guppyfriend


To keep the white fabric vibrant, please wash your MYMARINI solely by hand. In order to remove residues of sunscreen, salt and chlorine just add a little shampoo. White fabric is more sensitive than other colors and needs a little bit more carefulness from you. 



Our RETREAT WEAR is made from 100% organic cotton. Here the saying "less is more" is true. Often you can simply air your favorite style, either at the open window or in the shower - the steam cleans gently and removes scents.

If necessary, please wash with a gentle wash cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees with an environmentally friendly detergent. Please only wash the cotton collection with similar colors. Hang it neatly after washing and let it air dry. You should iron it as little as possible to protect the fabric and to keep the shine. We recommend steaming or steam ironing the styles.

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