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Your guide on how to wash swimsuits and bikinis

Proper care is important so you can enjoy your MYMARINI for a long time. We would like to give you an overview of how you should wash your swimsuit or bikini and what you should pay particular attention to.

The fabric we choose for our swimwear is very high quality and requires special care. You should therefore follow a few simple tips when washing. One of the most common reasons for complaints is damage caused by chlorine or sun screen. These are often irreversible. However, if you follow the instructions on the care label and our care tips in this blog post, they can be avoided and your MYMARINI will stay colorful and as good as new for a long time.

How to wash colored swimwear

Our swimwear is available in seasonal, vibrant colors as well as in classic combinations such as black and white. The following tips apply to our colored swimsuits and bikinis made without white fabric. To keep your MYMARINI beautiful for a long time, you should follow these care instructions:

  1. Immediately after swimming in chlorine and salt water, you should rinse your swimwear thoroughly with clear water. This will protect the color and elasticity of your MYMARINI.
  2. Do not leave your rinsed MYMARINI in a bag or rolled up in a towel any longer than necessary. It is best to rinse it thoroughly again at home after transportation.
  3. If necessary, wash your bikini or swimsuit in the washing machine at a maximum of 30 degrees. We also recommend using environmentally friendly detergents and a laundry bag.
  4. After washing, hang your swimsuit or bikini to dry. Avoid direct sunlight – otherwise your styles will fade more quickly.

How to wash swimsuits and bikinis with white fabric

White fabric is more sensitive than other colors and therefore requires particularly gentle care. How should you wash swimsuits and bikinis with white fabric? We have also put together suitable care tips for you here:

  1. For swimwear with white fabric, you should only choose hand wash. Do not wash MYMARINIs with white fabric in the washing machine to prevent discoloration.
  2. Stains from salt water, chlorine and sun screen are best removed carefully with a little mild shampoo.
  3. After swimming in the pool or sea, be sure to rinse with clear water and do not leave your MYMARINI rolled up in the towel or bag any longer than necessary.
  4. Hang your bikini or swimsuit up to dry after washing and avoid direct sunlight.

How should you care for our ready-to-wear made from ECOVERO™ viscose?

As of summer 2024, we have added ready-to-wear styles made from lightweight LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose to our collection. The material is extremely comfortable to wear, supple and feels silky-soft on the skin.

  1. Wash your designs at a maximum of 30 degrees with an environmentally friendly mild detergent.
  2. Avoid using a tumble dryer here too and hang your MYMARINI styles to dry.

How should you care for MYMARINI designs made from organic cotton?

Our MYMARINI underwear and retreat wear is made from organic cotton. The soft material is particularly comfortable and feels light on the skin. To ensure that the designs stay beautiful for a long time, you should also follow a few tips for proper care:

  1. When washing in the washing machine, select a program at a maximum of 30 degrees, feel free to use a laundry bag for the underwear and only add styles with similar colors.
  2. Hang the styles up properly afterwards and allow them to air dry. We also recommend steaming or steam ironing pants and dresses.

Which care is best for MYMARINI LOUNGEWEAR?

All our LOUNGEWEAR is made from 100% Lyocel (TENCELTM). The material is very comfortable to wear and is particularly light and soft on the skin.

  1. Hand washing or washing on a mild washing program at 30 degrees with an environmentally friendly wool detergent is therefore the right decision.
  2. Avoid tumble drying and hang your styles to dry instead, so that the soft fibers can dry gently.
    3. You can then gently steam the LOUNGEWEAR or iron it on the lowest setting.