Nothing to hide

We strive for humanity over profit, a green planet and fair payment. To achieve this, it is important to actively work towards a livable world and take responsibility. At MYMARINI, we believe in transparency so that you, the consumer, can make an informed decision.

Your money is the tool you have to shape the change, and every purchase has an impact on the people along the supply chain and the environment. Therefore, we advocate for the fair and transparent pricing of our products.

How Our Prices Are Composed

To determine the final price of a product, various components must be considered. Expenses arise from material costs, processing, manufacturing, as well as marketing or company costs, including employee salaries. We consider responsibility and sustainability to be of utmost importance in all these aspects.

It is particularly important to us that the prices of our products are based on fair compensation for all involved, rather than solely on profitability. All employees in our production facilities in Croatia and Poland receive salaries above the legal minimum.

In the selection and procurement of our fabrics, we place great importance on environmentally friendly materials that are durable and innovative. We ensure that they are produced fairly and free from toxins. We source the fabrics for our swimwear from an Italian supplier with whom we have been working since the beginning.

We aim to make our MYMARINIs available in various shops. Therefore, we collaborate with selected retailers who sell our designs online and in their stores. To make distribution profitable for businesses and retailers, we include a retailer margin in our product prices.

As a sustainable company, we want to leverage our success to do good for people and the environment. Consequently, a significant part of our revenue is directly allocated to our social and ecological initiatives. We have factored the expenses for our impact into the price of each product. This ensures that we can support our heartfelt projects in the long term and reliably.

In the following overview, you will gain a detailed insight into how the individual components are composed:

Includes the costs for all materials for each MYMARINI design and all local logistics cost.
Encompasses the costs for the cutting and sewing of our MYMARINIs, fair wages for the manufacturer's sewers, as well as on-site logistics costs.
Includes all company costs for development resources, our employees, office and store rent, technology, marketing, collection development, and profit.
Contains the margin for our distribution partners, i.e., the retailer's earnings minus the B2B purchase price paid to MYMARINI.
The logistics costs consist of the rent for our logistics center from which we ship all MYMARINI orders, our packaging materials, and the costs for returns.
Your purchase at MYMARINI supports social and ecological initiatives. This impact value is based on all direct expenses for social and ecological projects in 2023, such as the Social Surfclub e.V. or our MYMAYRINI Forest in cooperation with the Klimapatenschaft GmbH.
All product prices include 19% value-added tax.

Currently, we have calculated the price components as an example for selected products from our range. In the future, we intend to disclose the pricing structure for all our products to create even more transparency. Using our YOGA TOP and SURF SHORTS from the CLASSICS Collection as examples, we show you the components that contribute to the final product price.

Yoga Top Classic

Product price 135.00 €

Material 4.05 €
Production 9.00 €
Company 34.24 €
Retailer Margin 59.45 €
Logistics 5.27 €
Impact 1.44 €
Taxes 21.55 €

Surf Shorts Classic

Product price 105.00 €

Material 3.72 €
Production 5.50 €
Company 23.50 €
Retailer Margin 50.24 €
Logistics 4.15 €
Impact 1.13 €
Taxes 16.76 €


At MYMARINI, we believe in transparency so that you, the consumer, can make an informed decision. That's why we're committed to providing you with as much information as possible about our products, from the materials we use to the manufacturing process.

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