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Social Engagement

The Social Bag

100% profit for femnet e.v.

Handy, spacious, and made for a good cause: The SOCIAL BAG was created in collaboration with MARIN ET MARINE, and 100 % of the profits are donated to FEMNET e.V. — this means 79€ per bag. Twice a year, we donate the money raised from sales to FEMNET e.V.

Our SOCIAL BAG is made of sturdy, natural linen. Get your SOCIAL BAG now and contribute to empowering women!

Where your money goes to

The price for THE SOCIAL BAG is 125€. This amount includes 46€ as designing, sourcing, production and transport costs, as well as wages. The leftover 79€ are the profit for each bag sold. This profit will go 100% to FEMNET, therefore we have our cost price covered and can donate almost 2/3 of the sales price.

4.819 € already donated to Femnet e.V.

Since the launch of the SOCIAL BAG in 2022, we have already donated a total of 4.819 € directly to FEMNET e.V.. We will keep supporting this initiative. You can still join and help fight for women's rights in the fashion industry.

Blog post

The story behind the social bag

When designing The Social Bag we met up with the sisters behind MARIN ET MARINE and together, planned the bag from its design until its production in Bavaria, southern Germany. The output was a beautiful shopper made of 100% linen but we had a greater plan for it in mind.

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