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Article: THE SOCIAL BAG - 100 % for FEMNET e.V.

THE SOCIAL BAG - 100 % for FEMNET e.V.

THE SOCIAL BAG - 100 % for FEMNET e.V.

A few weeks ago, we’ve launched the first BEACH HOUSE Collection. The idea behind this collection is to provide the MYMARINI community with all things needed for a relaxing day at the beach. However, there seems to be one piece missing in this line: A bag that can keep all those timeless beach essentials.

When designing the collection, we had a bag in mind from the very beginning. Being closely connected to our friends from MARIN ET MARINE we chose to use their expertise and collaborate with them for designing the bag for the BEACH HOUSE Collection.

The Social Bag on the beach

The birth of THE SOCIAL BAG

We met up with the sisters behind MARIN ET MARINE and together, planned the bag as a limited edition, from its design until its production in Bavaria, southern Germany. MARIN ET MARINE only works with traditional manufactures in Germany to ensure the best quality, fair wages, and good working standards. The output was a beautiful shopper made of 100 % linen but we had a greater plan for it in mind.

With our actions, we always try to do good and decided to support an organization with the bag and provide a platform for the organization’s work. For this goal, we found the perfect partner in FEMNET e.V.

Take a look inside THE SOCIAL BAG

FEMNET e.V. is an association that fights for women rights in the clothing industry. In the production countires, the association ensures that long-term structures are established so that women can lead a self-determined life. To achieve this, FEMNET e.V. works with partner organizations and trade unions and collects donations. Other focus areas are the organization of campaigns and educational work at schools and universities to draw attention to the abuses in the fashion industry.

Inside the SOCIAL BAG, you will find a label with a short text about FEMNET e.V. and their work. The label is made of leftover fabric from our RETREAT WEAR and has been printed in Hamburg.

Femnet e.V.

Our way to support FEMNET e.V. and the women in the clothing industry, is to raise awareness for FEMNET e.V. with THE SOCIAL BAG and to donate 100% of THE SOCIAL BAG’s profit. The price for THE SOCIAL BAG is 125 €. This amount includes 46 € as designing, sourcing, production and transport costs, as well as wages. The leftover 79€ are the profit for each bag sold. This profit will go 100 % to FEMNET, therefore we have our cost price covered and can donate almost 2/3 of the sales price.

Be part of the fashion revolution

Get THE SOCIAL BAG for your next beach day, weekend trip or daily life activities. This is a way for you to support the women working in the fashion industry. Be part of the fashion revolution and set a statement for better conditions in the fashion industry!

The Social Bag Product Pictures

Update: 3.634 € already donated to femnet e.V.

Since the launch of the SOCIAL BAG in 2022, we have raised 3.634 € that we donated to FEMNET e.V. and we will keep supporting this initiative. You can still join and help fight for women's rights in the fashion industry.

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