A Lovestory about longboard dancing

Let us tell you the inspiring story about our friend Valeriya Gogunskaya - a nowadays well-known longboard-dancer.

We want to enable you to dive in deeper into the MYMARINI world. So we sat down with our friend and model Val, who you may know from from photos and videos. Most of our models are friends of ours and since we love their individual stories, we want to share them with you.

Relax and enjoy!

Editing: Cynthia Leistikow
Camera: William Albright
Location: Portugal

Valeriya is a true role-model for consequently following ones dream. Originally from Russia she moved to Santa Cruz to follow her passion for surfing. She did not only fall in love with Santa Cruz but also met her boyfriend there and finally decided to completely move into the sun and close to the waves.

Valeriya's interest in longboard-dancing started a bit before she moved to Portugal, when she tried it out in Finland. Everyone, who ever tried longboard-dancing knows how difficult this beautiful dance on the board is, but Valeriya got hooked and took this new passion with her to Santa Cruz. Realizing in Santa Cruz nobody seemed to share her sport, she started to organize longboard meetings and camps to find like-minded people, which turned out to become her very own business and the first longboard-dancing and freestyle community.

Nowadays, Valeriya is an internationally known longboard-dancer, businesswoman, and ambassador for sustainable brands. She is the perfect example that although you might be alone with your interest, you should always follow your passion. That way you not only stay true to yourself but also empower the people around you. This is a philosophy we, at MYMARINI, get very inspired and try to live by as well!

Thanks to Val for being the authentic and inspiring person she is and for being a part of the MYMARINI-team!

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