The MYMARINI Magazine 2021

Our very own magazine!

We have been working on our very own magazine, in order to enable you to come with us on our journey and dive even deeper into the MYMARINI world. In the focus are two topics that are particularly close to our hearts: people and water.

Our inspiration, our motivation, our vision – pretty much everything that sets MYMARINI apart is connected to people and water. And our love for this element is even expressed in our name: MYMARINI is made up of the Spanish word for sea (“mar”) and “bikini.”

This magazine is for our customers and all the people who – just like us – appreciate the beauty of our planet and want to preserve it. We might not be able to turn back time, but we can all do a bit every single day. Because, as we all know, every long path is made up of many small steps.

By the way: to produce our magazine, we worked with an environmentally friendly printing company. The ink is based on vegetable oil and the paper is recycled – which means that, in comparison to production with fresh-fiber paper, we can save 70 percent water and 16 percent CO2 emissions.

You will receive a magazine with every order via our onlineshop and of course you will find them in our flagship store in Hamburg, aswell.

Sending you warm waves

and the MYMARINI team