We proudly present ... the newest style in the MYMARINI Collection:
The YOGATOP SHINE - made for comfortable support and beautiful sportiness.

Designed to give you good support with medium coverage and an elegant look. No matter if you want to swim in the ocean or a pool, catch some waves or are looking forward to your next yogasession on the mat. 

The reversible YOGATOP SHINE in "jungle-clay-cloud

Thanks to the double layered design of our beautiful fabric, it offers you the beloved "Mini-Shape-Effect" and of course: it's reversible. One top- two styles!

It's a match for all of our bottoms from the NEW SUMMER AND SHINE Collection, whether you like it high waisted or more classic - it completes the look. And as always your can be sure that the MYMARINI YOGATOP SHINE protects your skin from the sun and feels just amazing. 

The reversible YOGATOP SHINE in "gold-amber-clay"

Our latest family member is available in three colorways: SHADES OF SOFT WATER, DUSTY SAND & in SHADES OF WARM ROOTS. Find your favorite one (or two? ... or three?) and let it simplify your decision on what to wear for a swim, workout, surf or a relaxed summer day. 

 The reversible YOGATOP SHINE in "raspberry-earth"

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