Girls Surf Camp '22

Making a difference - in people’s lives and for the future of the planet. This is our mission. That’s why we are super happy to have a new partnership with the Hamburg-based association THE SOCIAL SURF CLUB e.V. Founded by Kim Bartel in 2013 the association organizes free surf camps in Denmark for children in difficult living conditions. Learning about their work we instantly knew that we wanted to be part of this great work. So we calculated, reached out and decided to accompany and finance a surf camp for girls aged 12 to 16 in July 2022.

„We were fortunate to grow despite Corona 2020 and 2021. This gives us the opportunity to take on more responsibility and give something back to society. Thanks to the support of our customers we can join and promote great, social projects. THE SOCIAL SURF CLUB is a perfect fit for us - the project combines a love for people with a love for water. We are incredibly excited to work with them to give some girls a break from their everyday lives and possibly give them a new perspective as a result.“ - Mareen, founder and designer of MYMARINI

Fair swimwear meets community surfing

THE SOCIAL SURF CLUB e.V. was founded in 2013. Passionate surfer Kim Birtel founded the club to pass on what has always given him strength and comfort in difficult phases of life: The sport on the water. Since then, he and other supporters of the association have organized surfcamps in Denmark every year for children who cannot afford a vacation themselves. They help the children to focus completely on surfing and to share and work through their worries and fears.

Since MYMARINI itself was born out of a love for the ocean and surfing we love their approach to support the next generation. „I know myself how hard it can be to escape from everyday life and at the same time how important it is to do that sometimes. Something like this should be possible for everyone - this is we find the initiative of SOCIAL SURF CLUBS e.V. all the more wonderful,“ says Mareen.

In addition to the Girls Surfcamp, we organized a longboard workshop as a get-to-know meeting for the girls in advance. As a follow-up meeting, we met again in November 2022 to bake Christmas cookies and review the time in Denmark.


First Girls Surf Camp

This summer, the first Girls Surf Camp happened and 17 girls and 14 voluntary supervisors and came together as a group in Denmark. Frederike, head of brand and communication joined the group and answered some question about two impressive weeks in the camp.

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