First Girls Surf Camp

In October 2020, Rike, Head of Brand and Communication at MYMARINI, became aware of The Social Surf Club e.V.. Quickly the idea was born to offer children a free surf camp. During a meeting in May 2022 with Kim Birtel, founder of The Social Surf Camp, we decided to organize a camp just for girls.

This year from 24.07. to 06.08.2022 the first Girls Surfcamp finally took place in Denmark. 17 girls aged 12 to 16 and 14 voluntary supervisors started with a big transporter full of food into the two weeks surfcamp.

Rike was there for 10 days as a supervisor and reports in a short interview about the impressive time in Denmark.

Dear Rike, for what reason did you decide to plan a surf camp for girls together with the Social Surf Club e.V.?

MYMARINI is a company that was founded by a woman and in whose philosophy the topic "Female Empowerment" is written in capitals. It is important to us to promote equal opportunities and to introduce young girls to surfing - a sport that is part of MYMARINI's founding history and still has great importance for us in the company.

How can you imagine a day at the Girls Surfcamp? What else was on the agenda besides surfing?

Every day we started the day with a joint breakfast - always prepared by alternating kitchen teams consisting of supervisors and girls. Then there was usually a supervisors' round in which we discussed topics and the day, and then around noon we went to the beach. There the girls surfed in two groups. In the evening, in addition to a delicious dinner, the program usually went on - whether it was a movie night in the group, a theme night on the subject of femininity or a bikini night, where each girl was allowed to choose her own MYMARINI.

A lot certainly happened during the surf camp - what were your highlights and why?

That's right - a lot happened on the outside and on the inside during this time and it's not easy to put into words. In general, the whole trip was a highlight for me, because the goal was to give the girls two weeks of surf camp and that's what we achieved. Besides that, it's often the "little" moments that have stayed in my heart - the proud smiles of the girls when they accomplished something, the closeness and trust that was shown to me, and of course the spirit of the group.

How was the feedback? Are you planning another surf camp next year?

The response from the girls was great. Already during the camp, a lot of girls already asked if there will be another surf camp just for girls next year. They found it pleasant to be "among themselves". And yes, the next surf camp is already in planning!

With the Girls Surf Camp, we've found a heart project. We see our MYMARINIs as a means to an end to have a positive social and environmental impact. We were able to experience this opportunity on site and directly during the surf camp.