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Diane-Sophie Durigon's store, Le Pop Lingerie, is located in Cologne's lively Ehrenfeld district. In this unique feminist concept store, you'll find playful lingerie and swimwear, colorful toys, and wonderful gifts. In our interview, Diane tells us what she loves about her job and why she founded Le Pop Lingerie.

"I wanted to create a place that brings together body awareness, sexuality, and culture with ease and humor."

How long has your store been around and what inspired you to open a business?

Le Pop Lingerie has been around for 9 years. I wanted to create a place that brings together body awareness, sexuality, and culture with ease and humor. A place where every woman can be herself and discover how wonderful and amazing her body is.

What can visitors look forward to?

Our visitors can look forward to great advice and a wonderful atmosphere. They will immerse themselves in a colorful pop-culture cosmos of sensuality! We offer playful lingerie, colorful sex toys, wonderful gifts like books, cool socks, French pop music, lubricants from Provence, condoms from Sweden, and many other lovely and pretty things. In our beachwear oasis, Le Splash!, we focus all year round on the theme of vacation with colorful swimwear.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

My team and I love to make every body look pretty, show women what suits them, and occasionally give them a little push. I also love it when we have events in the store (workshops, concerts, parties, or readings) and people come together there, network, and celebrate together. This makes the store more than just a store, but a lively, inspiring place!

How did the collaboration with MYMARINI come about?

I started carrying MYMARINI in the summer of 2020. I always enjoyed talking to Maren in Paris at trade shows, looking at the collections, and watching how the brand developed. I also expanded my store with a vacation oasis called Le Splash! and then there was nothing standing in the way. I love this brand, the quality, and the people behind it!

Do you have a personal favorite MYMARINI?

Yes, the entire Seaside Stripe line in gray stripes, so French!

What's the best place in your area to wear a MYMARINI?

I simply wear my Gracetop Seaside Stripe as a crop top with jeans in the city or on the green belt in the park or at the many lakes that surround the city.

What would you like to tell the readers?

Try it on, try it out, be wild, and be surprised!


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