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In 2016, Amour Fou, a sustainable lingerie and swimwear store, opened its doors in a former monastery near Vienna's biggest shopping street. Founded by Astrid, the store offers a fantastic selection of fair and eco-friendly underwear labels from various small brands. In our interview, the mother of two talks about her concept and shares why she has the best job in the world.

"There's swimwear - and then there's MYMARINI!"

Astrid, what made you decide to start your own business with Amour Fou?

To be honest, I didn't have much to do with lingerie before. I studied theatre, film, and media studies and worked in a pharmacy. I usually found bras annoying and uncomfortable. But one day, a friend took me to a lingerie shop in Berlin, and I had an aha moment: lingerie can look good and be comfortable! Back in Vienna, I decided to create a place where people would love to buy lingerie.

What makes your store unique?

I have a great team, and personal advice is very important to us. We have a fantastic selection of sustainable lingerie and swimwear labels that make products for women, by women. Whether seductive, chic, or clean, delicate, comfortable, or powerful - we find what women feel most comfortable in. We try on all the products in the store, and we stand behind the lingerie that we sell.

During the lockdown in spring 2020, we also started selling on Instagram - with great success. The next step is an online shop! But it's important to us that we show our product range on real people, not photoshopped models. Because the products look stunning on all different body shapes.

Since when have you had MYMARINI in your product range, and what makes MYMARINI special from your point of view?

Shortly after I opened the store, I became aware of MYMARINI. I was enthusiastic, but the price scared me off. When Mareen then sent me some pieces to try on, and I slipped into a MYMARINI for the first time, I knew I never wanted to swim in anything else again.

I always say: There's swimwear - and then there's MYMARINI. The fabric that hugs you and puts everything in the right place, the colors, and the design - unique! You can eat a huge portion of egg noodles and then go to the wave pool with your child and feel great!

Is there something you want to share with our readers?

It's not about kilos or supposed "weaknesses," it's about feeling good - that radiates out and is perceived. Recently, a young girl and a lady over 50 accidentally tried on the same MYMARINI. I was amazed: The younger one's figure was much more in line with the common beauty ideal, but the older woman felt so comfortable and looked simply beautiful. Beauty really does come from within! And when a woman wears something she feels comfortable in, she really starts to shine. I have the most wonderful job in the world because I experience this every day.


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