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Our supply chain

Supply chain transparency at MYMARINI

Transparency is essential to us at MYMARINI at every step of the supply chain. Therefore, we want to provide you with detailed insights into the processes and people behind your favorite swimwear so that you, as a consumer, can make an informed decision.

As a sustainable company, we set our own high standards that go beyond political requirements. In our view, these still have too many gaps and uncertainties. It is therefore even more important for us to take responsibility ourselves and demonstrate what a fair, sustainable, and transparent supply chain can look like.

Insights into our supply chain

All fabrics we use are sourced from European suppliers. Our designs are sewn in Croatia and Poland. Ingredients such as sewing threads, logo tags, framilon, etc. are also sourced from Europe. This keeps transport distances short, and most materials along the value chain can be transported by road freight. Our supply chain is manageable, transparent, and the short distances reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, the proximity to our manufacturing plants gives us the opportunity to visit them regularly and see the working conditions for ourselves. From Poland and Croatia, all MYMARINIs arrive at our own warehouse in Triberg, where a final random quality check of the garments takes place before shipment to our customers and retailers.

For our swimwear and ready-to-wear made from the regenerated nylon yarn ECONYL®, you will find all details about the supply chain and sustainability of the product directly on the product page in our online shop. We provide insights into all involved partner companies from fiber sourcing and dyeing, to processing, as well as all existing certifications such as Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and the Global Recycling Standard (GRS).

Our production sites

We pay great attention to the fact that everyone in our supply chain is fairly paid and the working conditions in the companies of our suppliers are complying with high standards. In addition, our Code of Conduct is part of the contracts we conclude with our production facilities.


Since 2016, we’ve been working with a small, women-run production facility that specializes in swimwear and underwear. This facility meets our high requirements for safety and working conditions, and the team has all the know-how to keep things running smoothly.

Smiljana, the head of production, speaks fluent German, so she always keeps us up to date with a transparent and clear overview of all processes on site. During our main orders, all 66 employed seamstresses work on our designs. In March 2022, we were finally able to see for ourselves again the sound working conditions and the employees’ satisfaction. We received a warm welcome and were able to get to know the whole team.


From October 2021, all designs of the LOUNGEWEAR, BEACH HOUSE and RETREAT WEAR collections will be produced in Szczecin, Poland. Since these collections represent only a very small part of our range, it was important for us to find a production facility that allows small purchase quantities and at the same time offers the necessary knowhow and care.Our previous production manager Małgosia closed her production facility in the course of 2022 and, in consultation with us, handed over our existing orders to the partner production of the Tucholski family in Szczecin.
During a visit in April 2022, we were able to get to know both production facilities and their employees. We are very satisfied with the quality of their work, and the communication with production manager Marek is very smooth and transparent.

Take back

We also take responsibility at the end of the product lifecycle and accept old MYMARINIs as part of our TAKE BACK pilot project. Would you like to be part of it? Here you can learn more about the project and how to return your MYMARINI to us.

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