Inspiring Women

A lovestory about freedom & dedication

Anne Taravet

Meet Anne Taravet, a truly inspiring woman who we met in Portugal. Anne is surfing more than 50 years now and took part in different contests.

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A Lovestory about the Ocean

Louise Ropagnol

Deeply in love with the ocean, Louise moved to Biarritz seven years ago and dedidcates her life to the big blue being a surfer, biologist and ocean advocate at the "Water Family".

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A Lovestory about longboard dancing

Valeriya Gogunskaya

An interview with MYMARINI model and friend Valeriya Gogunskaya about the power to create and her passion - longboard dancing.

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A Lovestory about Waves

Concha Conchita

Meet our MYMARINI friend and model Concha Conchita and learn about her passion for surfing and an easy lifestyle.

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A lovestory about breath & water

Nix Ocean

Nix Rose Oceans, living by the sea, describes herself as an ocean child who is dedicated to stretching out comfort zones.

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