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Ecological Engagement

Groundwater neutrality

Since 2021, we have been able to offset our water consumption for all designs made with ECONYL® yarns — this currently accounts for around 96% of all collections. Even better, these collections are certified as groundwater neutral by Klimapatenschaft.

Projects we do for groundwater neutrality

Using the life cycle assessments provided by our manufacturers, we can calculate the water consumption for all swimwear collections made with ECONYL® yarns. We are more than proud to have been offsetting this consumption since 2021 through the MYMARINI forest. As a result, around 96% of our collections are certified as groundwater neutral.

„MYMARINI was the largest planting partner we had in 2021, enabling the planting of more than half of all the trees planted as part of the Drinking Water Planting Project.“

Michael Garvs, Klimapatenschaft

What remains to be done?

Since 2022, we as a team have been spending time together in the forest once a year, getting our hands dirty by planting our own trees.

Furthermore, it is our goal to offset the water consumption for all collections in the future. However, for many materials, it is not easy to obtain accurate data on the actual water consumption along the supply chain. Additionally, we believe it is important to promote groundwater recharge at our production sites, where the water is actually consumed. Therefore, we are currently exploring projects in Italy, where most of our fabrics are manufactured.

Another milestone is the sign that has been informing about our actions and motivation at the edge of the MYMARINI forest since April 2024. We hope this draws even more attention to the important resource of water and inspires other people and companies to become part of it as well.