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Social engagement

Girls Surf Camp

Making a difference...

"Thanks to the support of our customers, we can join and promote amazing social projects. The Social Surf Club e.V. fits us perfectly — the project combines a love for people with a love for water." — Mareen, founder of MYMARINI

With The Social Surf Club e.V., we have found an organization that shares our goal of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.
Kim Birtel founded The Social Surf Club e.V. in 2013 to share what had always given him strength and comfort during difficult times in his life: water sports. Since then, he and other supporters of the club have organized surf camps for children in difficult life situations every year. The team helps the children to fully concentrate on surfing while sharing and processing their worries and fears. MYMARINI grew out of a love for surfing and the associated lifestyle. For this reason, we are particularly touched by the approach of understanding surfing as a means of therapy and development for children and young people.
Together with The Social Surf Club e.V., the idea of organizing an all-girls camp for girls and young women from difficult life circumstances was born.


The goal was to create a protected space for girls and young women that enables them to strengthen open hearts and self-effective personalities in a non-judgmental environment.

To discover femininity, as well as inner and outer beauty, together and in diversity, within a female environment and in harmony with nature. Driven by the desire to break down old structures and beliefs and to create an awareness characterized by self-love and mindfulness. Surfing serves as the medium that instills confidence in oneself and one's strengths.

Before the Girls Surf Camp, a longboard workshop and an initial meet-and-greet for the participants took place.

In July 2022, it was off to Denmark! Seventeen girls and young women aged between 12 and 16, along with 14 counselors, spent two weeks together in a house in Denmark. Every day, they went to the beach and whenever the surf allowed, into the North Sea. The on-site program always focused on empowering the girls and connecting with their femininity. The girls found it very pleasant to be among themselves and definitely wish for a continuation. To reflect on their time in Denmark with some distance, a follow-up meeting was organized in November, and Christmas cookies were baked together.
We are very proud to be part of this unique project! We see our MYMARINIs as a means to have a positive impact. This approach enabled us to get the Girls Surf Camp rolling and to sponsor it with €20,000 in its kickoff year.

A success story for women's empowerment

"In the sea, I am myself, we are one, we are human."
(Theresa - The Social Surf Club e.V.)

Since many girls asked during the first camp if there would be another all-girls surf camp next year, we are overjoyed that The Social Surf Club e.V. has taken on the task of organizing a Girls Surf Camp every year therafter and has also secured financial support. And MYMARINI is happily providing swimwear for the girls and carer.

Unfortunately, we were unable to fully finance the camps in 2023 and 2024. However, we established the MYMARINI Sample- and Archive Sale in 2023 to enable our samples of the past years a life outside the box, make MYMARINIs accessible to more people, and most importantly, to raise funds for our selected social projects.

In 2023, €4,971 was donated to the SSC. In 2024, even €6,200 was raised, which was distributed among Femnet e.V., GoBanyo, and the SSC.


First Girls Surf Camp

In the summer of 2022, the first Girls Surf Camp happened and 17 girls and 14 voluntary supervisors and came together as a group in Denmark. Frederike, head of brand and communication joined the group and answered some question about two impressive weeks in the camp.

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