Access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities must not remain a theoretical human right. The Hamburg-based non-profit organization GoBanyo is also committed to this.

A mobile shower bus with three fully equipped bathrooms provides people without a permanent residence in Hamburg with regular access to clean sanitary facilities, clothing and drinking water. We have been supporting the organization since summer 2021 through our "Drinking Water Subscription" initiative with regular donations of water from Viva con Agua in returnable bottles. In consultation with GoBanyo, we deliberately opted for this solution rather than reusable drinking bottles.

Because without a permanent residence, most guests always have all their belongings with them. and belongings with them at all times. Every additional item is additional ballast, which we want to avoid. In addition, there are not yet enough opportunities to easily fill up with clean drinking water.

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We donate 10% of the revenue generated from our CLASSICS collection online in November to GoBanyo. How can you support our donation campaign? You can support our social commitment and the important social work of GoBanyo with your purchase. Buy a design from our MYMARINI CLASSIC collection online and pe part of our donation campaign.

"In theory, access to clean water is a human right, but in practice we are far from it."

(Gülay from GoBanyo)

Drinking water subscription

Drinking water is a daily need for all people, but unfortunately there is little to no access to safe drinking water sources for people without a permanent residence. That is why we launched the drinking water subscription for GoBanyo in July 2021. The concept: every month, MYMARINI donates 30 crates of 0.5 liter drinking water bottles from Viva con Agua to GoBanyo.

The drinking water subscription is currently paused, but we are currently continuing our support in other ways and expect to donate drinking water again in 2024.

Winter package donation

In the last weeks it has dropped cold in Hamburg. And while the vast majority of us can retreat to our warm apartments or pull our hats and scarves a little deeper into our faces, unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to escape the cold.

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Interview with Gülay

Since summer 2020, we’ve been supporting the non-profit organization GoBanyo. Gülay Ulaş is responsible for communications at GoBanyo, among other things, and her work is her passion.

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