MYMARINI is an innovative designer label for ethical swimwear from Hamburg. The label was founded in autumn 2013. Our creations are functional, fashionable as well as fair and sustainable bikinis and swimsuits. For surfers and everyone who cares & loves sports, water, good design and our planet.

So, how did we get here? The person and founder behind MYMARINI is Mareen. She quit her job in 2012 and decided to buy a one-way ticket to Colombia from her last money. There she surfed and lived a very simple and free life for seven months. So close to nature she quickly realized that the current situation and production of surfwear was literally unbearable.

The swimwear was neither sustainable nor produced under fair circumstances. The qualities were bad and the designs either too sporty, too young or too chic and therefore not functional.

The idea of ​​her own company emerged while still traveling through South America and very soon MYMARINI was born! A grown up, elegant and at the same time fashionable & cool label that produces with a minimum impact on our planet.





Three years after founding MYMARINI, Mareen's partner, William, quit his job as an engineer and joined the company as a partner. Her mother Annette takes care of the Shipping Department in the Black Forest and is responsible for the entire logistics supported by her own team.

You can find MYMARINI in about 50 local shops including four department stores.

In summer 2018 we opened our first flagship store in Hamburg and so far yet we are supported by our team of 8 people. Design, Film & Photo Production, Press Work, Distribution and Logistics are carried out independently by us. With your purchase you support independent and ethical design. Thank you!

Mareen Burk
Designer & Founder


William & Mareen in the MYMARINI Headquartes & Store