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Article: Leeloo Haase

Leeloo Haase

Leeloo Haase

Please introduce yourself to the MYMARINI community

Hey everyone, I’m Leeloo a French girl, I grew up between the waves of the south west of France and the mountains in the Alps. I’m 22 years old, addicted to surfing and skiing , I love to travel the world to find news spots and waves. Meeting funny people all over the world is something I can’t get tired of.

How did you get to know MYMARINI?

I had the chance to know MYMARINI in 2017. While I was travelling in Australia, MYMARINI offered me a bikini to try out over there. I fell in love with the bikini and the story began. Few years after that, we shot a special collection called "ECO FLASH", and now we’re still doing cool things together.

What do surfing and the ocean mean to you?

Surfing means the world to me, I love to be in the middle of the ocean. Alone you feel free. When I’m in the water, I can let go of thoughts. You don’t think of anything. It’s really my happy place. My favorite time of the day to surf is during the sunrise, there’s no better way to start the day.

What is your favorite MYMARINI style?

My favorite style is the SUMMERSUIT. It’s so comfortable, has a really good shape and makes your body beautiful. It’s just the best for surfing in the summer.

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