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Article: Louise Ropagnol

Louise Ropagnol

Louise Ropagnol

    If you follow MYMARINI for a little while, this beautiful face is familiar to you. For already 5 years now, we work with Louise Ropagnol to shoot parts of each year's summer collection with her in France.

    Deeply in love with the ocean, Louise moved to Biarritz seven years ago and dedidcates her life to the big blue being a surfer, biologist and ocean advocate at the "Water Family".

    The Water Family is an association with the mission to educate about the poretction of water and its importance for our health and everything existing on the planet. To convey there mission and messages, the Water Family, developed educational programs for schools, companies and events.

    We held a little interview with Louise, who truly inspires us with her work with and for the oceans. Get to know this inspiring woman and find out some special tipps for spending time in Biarritz.

    Bonjour Louise, please introduce yourself to the MYMARINI community:

    Hello, My name is Louise. I always felt deeply connected to the ocean and moved to basque country 7 years ago to be close to it. This has always been a dream of mine!

    How did you get to know MYMARINI? 

    I got to know MYMARINI through a friend and photographer who contacted me to be a part of the MYMARINI community and shoot one of the first MYMARINI swimwear collections with him. Since 5 years now, I represent a part of the collection every summer.

    You have been self-employed for several years now. What made you choose your career and life path?

    To be honest, being self-employed wasn't really what I wished, it just happened. I started modeling more than 10 years ago. At the same time I studied Biology at the university. Then, 6 years ago, during my license of biology in Anglet, I did my internship with the Water Family, for two months, and well, I am still with them.

    What is the "Water Family" and what is your job there?

    At the Water Family, an association for protecting the water, I started by doing a civil service. Today, I'am self-employed, I do several pedagogic mission, awareness in schools, a collaboration with the city of Biarritz and many more projects. The goal of our activities in the Water Family is spreading awareness about water protection, sensibilize the population and especially the younger people on how to protect water - from the snow flake to the ocean, all around the water cycle. We help and show how to protect this important ressource by adopting eco-responsible habits.

    You are a surfer as well. What does surfing and the ocean mean to you?

    I started surfing 10 years ago, in my holidays at La Côte Sauvage. Since then, I always dreamed to live near the ocean, with all the good things that come along like surfing, swimming, cold winter swim and so on. The ocean to me is a source of pleasure, calm, medication and meditation.

    Last but not least, living in Biarritz, are there any must-sees and must-to-dos around?

    Definitely food, which is one of my passions and is really good here in Biarritz. You can find several good food spots for example at Halles des Cinq Cantons, Zou, Chéri bibi, Aiete, Palm Coffee, Les Corsaires. The list goes on and on. Biarritz it is like a "doll house" tiny but really diversified. You can discover all its treasures in one day by walking from the Lighthouse to the Côte des Basques. But it is also always worth it to spend a few days more, take your time and enjoy the life and ocean.

    We hope you got inspired by Louise's work for the oceans and maybe also check out some tipps, in case you make it to Biarritz sometime!

    Feel free to let us know on instagram what the ocean means to you!

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