A Day at the Beach - Selection

Yaay, it's holiday season!

In a lot of vacation, the beach plays a central role and it also does in the whole MYMARINI world. This is one of the reasons, why we created the BEACH HOUSE COLLECTION - a collection full of beautiful essentials for a day at the beach. All made of natural fabrics. There is everything you need in addition to your MYMARINI swimwear for the way to and from the beach as well as the relaxing hours on the warm sand.

We created this selection to start your imagination and see yourself sitting on the golden sand, watching the blue ocean, with a slight breeze in your hair. We want you to feel totally relaxed, enjoying everything that is around you and maybe get lost in the magazine recommendation we have for you. Completely let go the daily life and sorrows.

A little tip from our side: Did you already check out Strande at the Baltic sea? It's a cute little municipality with long and wild beaches! Definitely worth a visit!

Most of the products you can find in this selection, are available online and in our flagship store. Now get inspired and turn holiday mode on!

  2. MYMARINI, GRACETOP SHINE, available here and MYMARINI SHORTS SHINE, available here
  3. MYMARINI, BUCKET HAT, available here
  4. MYMARINIxGOBI, AUREL, available here
  5. KHADI AND CO., BEACH TOWEL SAND, available here
  6. WOCHENENDER OSTESEEKÜSTE, Book, available here
  7. MYMARINI, WINDSCREEN, available here

Do you already smell the salt and sea?

Show us your favorite beach look on instagram! We are excited to see them!