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Article: Time to look back: 10 Years MYMARINI

Time to look back: 10 Years MYMARINI

Time to look back: 10 Years MYMARINI

This year, we celebrate the 10th birthday of MYMARINI! We're looking back at an amazing decade and feeling super proud of what we've achieved in the recent years. We had some good times and some tough times, made lots of memories, and met some awesome people. Dive with us into the milestones and memories of the past ten years.


Our founder, Mareen, goes on a big adventure to Costa Rica, Colombia, and Panama for seven months. She has just an old-style camera, a surfboard, and a backpack with her. Somewhere between riding waves, sunbathing on beaches, and backpacking, she has the idea to start a sustainable designer swimwear label. Out of her love for water, the environment, and surfing, she founds MYMARINI after the trip, back in Hamburg.

Founder Mareen with Willi in Columbia


One year after its founding, many first things happened in the MYMARINI universe. We have our very first event, our first publication in a magazine, our first photoshoot with friends, and our first time showing off at trade shows. At her flat in Eimsbüttel, Mareen introduces her collection to friends and some press representatives. We also show our MYMARINIs at the Surf & Skate Festival in Hamburg for the first time.

Left: A friend of Mareen at the shooting. Right: Mareen prepares her first collection presentation in her flat.

MYMARINI at the Mercedes Me Pop-up Event.


The MYMARINI family keeps growing. After the first photoshoot, we do another one in Denmark. Model Lina joins our team, and we work together ever since. Another great moment: We get featured in SZ Magazin, which raises awareness for MYMARINI.

The first press feature in the Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine.

The team at the photoshoot on the beach in Denmark.

Sunset after the photoshoot.


From an online shop to a real store. You can now find MYMARINI swimwear not just on our website but also at the first real store Hello Love in Hamburg. We also get featured in more magazines and start showing up in different shops.

Our MYMARINIS are now available in the "Hello Love" store in Hamburg.

Annette—the mother of Mareen—joins the team as Queen of Shipping.


Willi Albright, who is the husband of our founder Mareen, becomes a partner and manager at MYMARINI. The two of them start traveling together every year, from beautiful beaches to snowy mountains. MYMARINI keeps growing, and we need help with shipping, so Annette Burk, who is Mareen's mom, takes care of all the shipping processes. She's still doing it in our shipping warehouse in Triberg to this day. Mareen's friend Christin Schwarzer starts taking pictures for our collections and is still part of the team today, now as our Impact Manager. We also go global by showing our styles at trade shows in Berlin and Paris. 

Always traveling all over the world.

Sagres end of the world: Willi becomes partner of MYMARINI.

Mareen's friend Christin joins the team and is always there to take the beautiful photos.


We reach a big milestone when we open our first 30 square meters MYMARINI Store in Eimsbüttel. In the back of the store, we set up a little office, and later on, four employees work there. Our shipment department moves to a new warehouse in the black wood forest. More and more stores start selling our swimwear, setting the foundation for long-term partnerships, like with Amour Fou, a lingerie shop in Vienna.

Move to the new warehouse in the black wood forest.

The first MYMARINI store in Hamburg opens.

MYMARINI at one of the first retailers "Amour Fou" in Vienna, Austria.


We launch our second print, which has palm trees on it, as part of the NEW SUMMER 2019 collection. We do the photoshoot for this collection in Costa Rica. In this year, Lia joins our team to help us out with lots of things, especially production, design, and marketing.

The campaign shoot in beautiful Costa Rica.


Our team grows to twelve people in just a year, so we need more space. MYMARINI moves to a new office with a showroom in the center of Hamburg, the Schanzenviertel. We also start our Retreat Wear, made from Organic Cotton.

Employee Berit in the new office.

With the collection in the suitcase we go to the shooting in Portugal.

As every year, a photo shoot in Portugal with Concha and Gabi, two good friends of Mareen and Willi.


We make our first-ever MYMARINI magazine. It contains our new collections, interviews with inspiring women, and stories about important environmental projects. We also publish our first impact report.

We add some new styles to our collection, like LOUNGEWEAR made from Lyocell. And we introduce a new line of swimwear called SWIM APPAREL, which is sportier and comes in solid colors with a special ribbed design.

We keep growing, both in our warehouse and our team. Since 2021, we ship our MYMARINIs from a bigger warehouse in the Black Forest. And we team up with Klimapatenschaft GmbH to plant the MYMARINI Forest near Hamburg. This gets us closer to our big goal of being good for the environment. In the same year, we donate over 20,000 euros to social projects to help people.

Photo and video shoot in Denmark for the Beach House Collection.

The first MYMARINI Magazine.

The MYMARINI team planting trees in the Klövensteen Forest.


Our flagship store gets bigger. It goes from being 30 square meters to more than 190 square meters. It has more space, lots of natural light, and a beautiful interior design with lovely details.

Mareen is pregnant and can no longer attend all shootings on location. This season our team travels to Morocco without her. The campaign is a complete success.
Now, we have 26 people on our team. Our swimwear is sold in over 100 places in Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, plus in our MYMARINI store and online.

A major success on the way to our long-term goal of groundwater neutrality: 90 percent of our collections are certified as groundwater-neutral - in cooperation with Klimapatenschaft GmbH. The support of social heart projects remains important: At the first Girls Surfcamp, we enable 20 girls to spend a week surfing in Denmark in cooperation with the Social Surf Club e.V.

Mareen with a baby bump on the beach.

The new MYMARINI Flagship store in Hamburg Eppendorf.

Our first sponsored surf camp in Denmark in cooperation with The Social Surfclub e.V.


Our MYMARINI Take Back program is launched. If you no longer wear your MYMARINIs, you can send them back to us. This helps us develop responsible reuse options for them as part of our pilot project.

MYMARINI is now 10 years old. It's time to celebrate!

Photo shoot of the new collection in Morrocco.

Our take-back program starts.

Photo shoot in Morocco for the Palm Club collection.

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