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Article: Corseterie Concept — Salzburg

Corseterie Concept — Salzburg
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Corseterie Concept — Salzburg

The Corseterie Concept Store endeavors to provide a carefully curated selection of high-quality products with a memorable shopping experience, in line with the concept store ethos. Simultaneously, it aims to maintain the core strength of the Corseterie and highlight the vital areas that are of importance to us: lingerie, loungewear, swimwear, and accessories. The emphasis is on quality craftsmanship, design, and excellence. Sustainability is another crucial aspect, with a focus on showcasing predominantly owner-managed or small European businesses. Fewer brands are presented, but with a diverse enough selection to achieve a stand-alone effect and facilitate cross-selling principles.

"Ensuring quality in materials and craftsmanship has always been and remains a top priority to us." — Susanne, Corseterie

How did you become a local retailer?

Corseterie has been in existence for many years with our main store located in a courtyard in the heart of the old town of Salzburg and a small store in Getreidegasse, the shopping mile of the festival city. Originally, the small store in Getreidegasse was the main store, but after we had so much success with our brands, it soon became clear that a larger store was necessary. So the current Corseterie was relocated to Sterngäßchen in the 1960s. However, the small store was always reserved as a centerpiece for beautiful brands that we wanted to highlight, and through the short distance from one store to the other, there was always a lively exchange.

Both stores are still family-owned and are managed particularly individually with great personal commitment and a sense of customers and current trends. That is why it was a logical step to give the Getreidegasse store a new contemporary look, to pick up current trends, and to implement our philosophy with the appropriate brands.

As a family-run company, we are pleased to have a shop that sets new accents with great brands and personal support, without forgetting its core theme - swimwear, underwear, and nightwear. We had already introduced MYMARINI as a brand in our large store last year and combined it with our existing brands such as Iodus, Fürstenberg, Heidi Klein and Co. However, it quickly became clear that MYMARINI deserves its own location, and we have many similarities with the brand and especially the philosophy behind it.

How important is sustainability to you and how do you promote this topic in your business?

To be candid, sustainability has been a priority for us since our establishment in the 1950s, albeit subconsciously. Ensuring the quality of materials and craftsmanship has always been and remains paramount. Given that personal commitment and on-site presence have always been critical, we have collaborated with family-owned or small businesses, or companies with such high standards that precise control of production, material procurement, and the like are and remain essential. This also entails that sustained results cannot be achieved by tolerating poor working conditions, cutting back on materials, or any other such actions.

In summary, sustainability has been an integral part of our company for over 70 years! Our suppliers produce primarily in Europe or in small family-owned businesses.

Why did you choose to include MYMARINI in your selection?

The brand MYMARINI simply convinced us! The execution of their products, their design, colors, and craftsmanship are harmonious. In addition, their focus on production and sustainability is also very appealing. None of their products are put on sale in our store, as it would not align with our principles.

Our customers have been loyal to us for many years, and some have even been customers with their parents before. At the same time, we also attract a younger clientele. Furthermore, Salzburg is very international for a few months each year, but then reverts back to a completely regional focus. This broad spectrum was a reason for us to establish MYMARINI prominently in the Getreidegasse. This allows us to utilize the high traffic of the location for the brand, perhaps introduce it to new customers, and at the same time appeal to our loyal customers.

How have your customers reacted to MYMARINI?

So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, with some customers being pleasantly surprised to have just discovered the brand. Many of our customers purchase MYMARINI products for themselves and their mothers! We have had several situations where one generation preferred the Shine Collection while the other preferred the Palm Club Collection.

Overall, the recognizability of the product lines is very good, and many customers appreciate the stylish design! With this year's Palm Club Collection, we were able to reach a slightly different customer base than with the always incredibly attractive Shine Collection. There is something for almost everyone, and the cuts are suitable for almost every body type, while the different patterns and colors help each person find the right fit.

What are your future visions for your business?

Our vision for the future is an extension of our origins, with a focus on the present. Our founder, Aurelia Riedherr, created something in the early 1950s that is even more important today than ever before - a commitment to sustainability, foresight, and a high standard for employees, products, and service. Beauty combined with quality and exquisite craftsmanship was so inherent to her, that it has always been our guiding principle. This is what has made the Corseterie what it is today.

We will continue to serve our customers with passion and pleasure, introducing new brands and carefully selecting the best from a vast array of providers. Our goal is to make visiting the Corseterie an unforgettable experience, where customers leave feeling delighted with their purchase and a beautiful lasting impression.

What is your personal favorite MYMARINI piece and why?

My personal favorite MYMARINI piece is undoubtedly the Seabody, particularly in the colors of the Shine collection! It is the perfect outfit for any occasion - whether it be a chic lunch paired with white pants or a sporty game of beach volleyball. It truly is an all-around talent, and it complements almost any figure.

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