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Article: Abt Fashion & Beach – Lindau

Abt Fashion & Beach – Lindau
Retailer Portrait

Abt Fashion & Beach – Lindau

In 1980, Marion Abt opened a boutique in the cosmetics and fashion industry. Due to its proximity to water (Lindau Island in Lake Constance), Marion had a special love and good eye for great beachwear from the very beginning. As of January 1st, 2022, her daughter-in-law Verena Abt took over the small but exquisite boutique, which had won over many enthusiastic regular customers over the years.

"Everyone knows that the most beautiful swimwear can be found at Frau Abt's in Lindau." – quote from a customer

What can visitors look forward to?

Visitors can look forward to an exceptional and extravagant range of swimwear and fashion at ABT Fashion & Beach. When selecting our beachwear and fashion, we place great emphasis on high quality and try to prioritize sustainability and fair production wherever possible.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Undoubtedly, what I enjoy most about my job is customer consultation. It is particularly important to me to see the beauty of our customers as a "whole" and not just the bikini or swimsuit on its own. Especially the individual type of our customers should be reflected in the fashion. For me, the art lies in being able to estimate at first glance which swimwear, in combination with the right size, is the right model for the customer. I particularly love the surprised faces of our customers in the dressing room, who initially rejected "Oh, this without underwire or padding will never work for me" - and then they end up loving it.

Since when have you had MYMARINI in your assortment and how is the collaboration?

Marion Abt wanted to carry MYMARINI in her store since day one. However, the actual collaboration didn't happen until January 2022 at the Beachwear Fair in Munich, when Verena brought new momentum to the store. Since then, we have been selling MYMARINI daily with full passion and joy. We stand 100% behind the MYMARINI quality and the perfect fit.

What is your personal favorite MYMARINI?

My absolute favorite piece is the surftop in combination with the surfshorts in the colors black/grey. I often wear the top all day long, combined with slightly higher cut linen shorts in black or beige. For me, this is a super casual streetwear look. In the store, I can inspire you with it, and I'm a total fan of the comfortable feel and great support, without underwire or pads. After work, I can jump into the water and swim with it.

Where is the best place to wear your MYMARINI?

You can wear your MYMARINI anywhere here at Lake Constance! It's important to feel comfortable in your own skin. For me, there's no better all-day body than a MYMARINI onepiece. Whether you're strolling along the harbor promenade with the seabody and a nice culotte or enjoying wind and water on the boat. In the practical yogatop, you're perfectly dressed when you're bathing with your kids on the Hinteren Island, and for sunbathing, I would recommend the neckholder top and holiday pants. And wherever you've had enough sun, just put on a surf shirt and you're well protected.

What do you want to leave with the readers?

Times have changed. We all need to think long-term! Focus on quality and sustainability when selecting your new swimwear. There is just one planet! Kisses from Lindau, Verena and Marion Abt.


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