Sanitary Accessibility

Today, on the 19th of November is the 20th World Toilet Day. It takes place since 2001 and was founded to draw attention to the missing access to safely managed sanitation for more than 4.2 billion people of the world population.

Every year the United Nations’ coordination mechanism on water and sanitation sets the theme for World Toilet Day. In 2020 it is „Sustainable sanitation and climate change“. 

In regard to that we asked the GoBanyo team how we can support them. Main problem from their point of view is the missing political support and the fact that there are a lot of prejudices around homeless people. As we already wrote in our earlier Blog Corona is not over yet , GoBanyo is a registered nonprofit private limited company. The GoBanyo shower-bus is driving to locations where showers are needed. The use is free of charge and the guests receive free clean laundry.

What a great project! They are supported by The Right to Shower.
The Right To Shower is based on the conviction that cleanliness is a fundamental human right. People experiencing homelessness lack access to everyday necessities and services — including sanitary facilities. This makes it all too easy for them to be “othered”, rejected, and unseen by society - compromising their sense of dignity and their chance to feel included in the community.

Right now GoBanyo is getting 100% of their profit. So if you buy one of their products, like a bar soap, you support them. We think that it‘s a great option for many people to show support in a small and possible way. 

All of us that are privileged enough to choose freely what products we buy can sometimes do something good with buying a good product we have use of but that actually helps other people with less privilege. Small decisions like this won‘t solve all the problems, but it will help someone getting a opportunity back that was unjustifiably taken from them.


„Every human has the right to wash themself. But not everyone is given the opportunity.“