Do you have any MYMARINIs that you no longer wear? Our Take Back pilot project presents you with a perfect opportunity to become a part of our pilot project for responsible repurposing!

What is the Take Back pilot project?

We accept all MYMARINI garments that you no longer wear, regardless of collection or where you purchased them. Our aim is to ensure that our products are sustainably and responsibly recycled.

With the MYMARINI Take Back pilot project, you join us in taking responsibility for your MYMARINIs and helping us to ensure the best possible recycling.

During the pilot project phase, we will evaluate the quality and quantity of submissions to plan further measures. Possible measures include 2nd use options, transfer to responsible recycling facilities, or collaboration with innovative recycling companies for fiber-to-fiber recycling options. Additionally, we plan to establish infrastructure that complies with EU regulations on recycling and EPR.

Send us your old MYMARINIs

How to Participate in the Take Back pilot project:

Reflect on which MYMARINIs you haven't worn for a while. Through our online form, you can request a shipping label, which you will receive via email a few days later. Alternatively, you can also drop off your MYMARINIs directly at our Hamburg flagship store. As a token of gratitude, after sending in your items, we will provide you with a € 30 voucher for your next purchase.

We are excited to work together with you in taking responsibility for our products and our environment.

A few small tipps

  • Please ensure that all clothing items are washed and dried (out of respect for our employees and for hygiene reasons)
  • Submissions are limited to once per year per customer (with no limit on the number of pieces)
  • MYMARINIs from all previous collections (Swimwear, Ready-to-wear, Loungewear, Beach House, etc.) can be submitted
  • Please only send us MYMARINIs and not clothing items from other brands
  • This is not a product return, therefore, there will be no refunds
  • Note: During the pilot phase, we can only accept MYMARINIs from Germany

Participate now

Your Benefits

You will receive a 30 € voucher for your next purchase with us. In addition, you will have more space in your wardrobe and do not have to worry about proper disposal. We will cover the shipping costs to our warehouse.


Discover our Impact Board, where you can find regular updates on the Take back pilot project. The Impact Board shows ongoing, upcoming and completed projects that reflect our commitment to a more conscious approach to our world.

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Do you have any questions?

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Why is MYMARINI initiating a Take Back pilot project?

The significance of manufacturer accountability is steadily increasing within the EU. By implementing regulations such as the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), manufacturers are obligated to monitor and assume responsibility for their products even after sale. Consequently, manufacturers must ensure that their products are disposed of and recycled appropriately at the end of their life cycle. This responsibility extends throughout the entirety of the product's life cycle.

Each year in Germany alone, 1.3 million tons of clothing are sent to landfills. We desire to take responsibility for our products and possess a vision for their return to the recycling process. Precise material composition information and sorting facilitate better repurposing. Additionally, we rely on future innovations and therefore, accumulate for the day that fiber-to-fiber recycling under ecologically and economically sound conditions becomes feasible for current mixed materials.

Roadmap & Updates

We will provide quarterly updates on our measures and submissions through our social channels, newsletter, and journal. Our plan is to collect all submissions for a minimum of one year and evaluate their quality and quantity to define further actions. Through pre-sorting of the products and precise material composition information, we aim to provide the best possible recycling options for the materials.

After one year, we will conduct an evaluation of the pilot project and create a roadmap for the future. For this project, we envision various ways of reutilization, such as 2nd use options, collaborations with recycling facilities for responsible recycling, or partnership with innovative companies for fiber-to-fiber recycling.