Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion is something we hear and read quite often at the moment, so let‘s take a closer look at what it really means and how we can slow things down.

Slow Fashion is used for describing the opposite of the Fast Fashion industry, which promotes the urge to wear something new and „trendy“ with eight, twelve or even more collections each and every year.
It therefore means to consciously decide what and when to consume and how to keep the garments for a long time.

We can break it all down to what Slow Fashion basically says, taking fashion the slow way, slowing Fashion down.
Less collections, less pieces and less waste.
At least this is what it promises and should mean.

So, you already shop in a mindful way and treat your clothes responsible while washing? In case you didn‘t read our article about washing your clothes in a sustainable and responsible way, you can read it here. Great, now you can think a little further.

A tried solution to make clothes real sustainable and slow is to get the most benefits out of any kind of clothing and scrab fabric - if you don‘t want to wear a garment anymore and you are really sure that you want to give it away, you should think about what to do with it.

Selling it or gifting it to a person who will love to wear it is a great option. You could also do a little clothing swap party with friends and family or look for some public ones. 

What you don’t wear any more could be the favorite piece of someone else!

Donating it to a clothing bank is also an option, but keep caution to where you are donating to and if the garments could be needed to help somewhere local where they actually arrive - the common old clothes containers are basically not a good idea. The donated garments do not arrive at places where they would be needed but mostly get selled to countrys with lower infrastructure and destroy the local textile industry there more and more.  

So the last step is to make use of any garment that is destroyed and not wearable anymore could be cutting them to different sized cleaning rags and enjoy that you don‘t have to buy any cloths anymore. 

Or of course: get creative and do some upcycling or patchwork ! The slowest way of course is keeping and reusing what you have.

If you want to donate clothes in Hamburg we can highly recommend donating it to Hanseatic Help. Your clothes then will help locally e.g. at GoBanyo that gives it to people without a permanent home.

MYMARINI stands for classic and timeless designs that are made to make you feel comfortable for many years to come. Choose wisely and enjoy your long-lasting items. And don‘t forget to take it slow.