Winter is Spa Time

It's getting cold outside and we wish for relaxation and more time inside. To stay calm during the upcoming pre-Christmas hectic we want to show you our favourite products for a Spa day.

We hope they inspire you to lay back, light a candle and take some time just for yourself.

Happy winter time everyone!


1. MYMARINI, GRACEBODY „black-navy“, 190€ at MYMARINI

2. KUSHEL, Der Bademantel, 179,00€ at Kushel or to try on in our Hamburg Flagship Store

3. LOOOPS, Duftkerze Tannenwald, 40€ at Looops 

4. MARIN ET MARINE, Sac Marin Wool Sand, 125€ at Marin et Marine 

5. BJÖRK & BERRIES, Botanist Body Lotion, 29€ at Björk & Berries 

6. MADELEINE ALIZADEH, Starkes weiches Herz, 18€ at your local book shop

7. HANISHKEN, Raffia Babouches – CASABLANCA, 59€ at Hanishken 

8. HEJHEJ-MATS, rather dark hejhej-mat, 129€ hejhej-mats