Freediving in Portugal

During our journey through Portugal this November we had the chance to enjoy our first experience of Freediving!

Freediving is one of the oldest forms of diving and has been used for centuries. Freediving is basically breath-holding under water and diving as deep as you can without having to surface for oxygen. Interestingly this is a special way to find your inner peace and relaxation. If you manage to clear your head and feel completely relaxed in the ocean, you will be able to dive deep!

Being an ocean enthusiast and true water woman, Concha from Mooana Retreats has now set up AIDA certified courses together with her friend Ruth Osborn (AIDA Instructor).

We started our course in the wonderful location Três Marias in Milfontes - Portugal learning how to breathe correctly and learned everything about safety. We learnt that freediving is all about relaxation. During our first water session in the pool we spent a lot of time relaxing and how to turn our attention inwards and finding peace and calmness within ourselves. After diving we found that this peace and calmness remained along with a sense of achievement.

And then the magic began! On the second day we went out to the ocean on a sailing boat!
We didn’t have the easiest conditions. Because of the strong wind we had to find a sheltered spot to put out our buoy. The cool water in the middle of November was also quite challenging to calm ourselves, which is necessary for a safe and good breath hold. But we did it! Now we are certified AIDA level 1 Freedivers!

Freediving is such a beautiful way to experience the ocean, the water and what you uncover about yourself in it. Of course we would like to share such a great experience with you and are already planning a MYMARINI FREEDIVE & MEDITATION RETREAT! Drop us a line if you are interested! Or sign up to our RETREAT NEWSLETTER.

Concha from Mooana Retreats Our captain Cristóvão from Pura Vida Divehouse

Ruth Osborn (AIDA Instructor)

Thank you Três Marias for hosting us - we couldn’t have dreamt of a more perfectly relaxing location for our theory and pool sessions.
Thank you Petro for beautifully capturing the experience for us!
Thank you to Mooana for having the inspiration and for organizing such a great course in Portugal.
Thank you Ruth @intheseame for teaching us safely. It was a perfect combination of theory, practice, safety & fun.

Mareen & Willi, Founder of MYMARINI