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Artikel: Let's celebrate giving tuesday!

Let's celebrate giving tuesday!

Let's celebrate giving tuesday!

Last Friday, we celebrated BLACK FRIDAY in our signature way by closing all of our stores. In line with today's GIVING TUESDAY - which was created in 2012 in the US as a response to the consumer-heavy days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we want to remind you how important it is to pull together as a society, to move through the world with open eyes and to share with the people around you.

In the last weeks it has dropped cold in Hamburg. And while the vast majority of us can retreat to our warm apartments or pull our hats and scarves a little deeper into our faces, unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to escape the cold.

According to a study, 1910 homeless people were living on the streets in Hamburg alone in 2018, although the number of unreported cases is probably much higher.
In the local municipal winter emergency program, just 800 people find a place to sleep and this offer is also only valid for the night. Moreover, not everyone wants to stay in a shelter. And so it is especially important in the coming months to help people without shelter with warm clothing, sleeping bags and sleeping mats.

Organizations such as Hanseatic Help, Straßenhilfe Hamburg, the Cafée mit Herz Kältebus, and GoBanyo, provide people on the streets with access to warm clothing, sanitation, drinking water, medical care, and food.

In the summer of 2021, we launched the „Trinkwasser-Abo" (Drinking Water Subscription) for GoBanyo, donating 30 cases of Viva con Agua water per month to the GoBanyo Duschdorf (Shower Village).

While this campaign was born during the hot seasons of the last two summers, the priority in the coming months is especially to protect the people from the winter cold.

That's why we're pleased to be able to provide GoBanyo guests with 100 sleeping mats, thermal underwear sets, ski socks, scarves and hats each, thanks to the cooperation of Bergzeit and Sea to Summit.

As a company, we want to help where we can and where help is needed - but you too can make a valuable contribution with just a few resources: be it through volunteering or by going through your closet for well-preserved and warm clothing. It's best to check online with organizations like Hanseatic Help to see what's needed and where you can drop off your donations.

Find out where and how you can help people on the street in your city, during the cold months and beyond. Don't hesitate, approach people and ask if you can help with a small donation, a hot drink, a meal or something else!
For all Hamburg residents, we have compiled a few important phone numbers that can save lives in the coming cold months.


Kältehilfe Hamburg

Before 7 p.m. citizens:inside can contact the city 040-42 828 5000
Kältebus between 19 -24 o'clock: 0151-65 68 33 68
After midnight and in medical emergencies: 112

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