We all need help from others soon or later

We asked ourselves what we can do to help somewhere local, where it’s needed and we know it reaches the needs. So we decided to donate 700 of our face masks to FÖRDERN & WOHNEN Hamburg.

FÖRDERN & WOHNEN is a public institution which supports homeless people, refugees, people with disabilities and everyone who’s struggling at the housing market or in their everyday routine because of of different social disadvantages or financial problems.

They give advice in terms of orientation, all-day struggles and also medical and social care. Everyone who needs help will find advice and support. F&W also participates at Hamburg’s housing program. Because of it’s manifold fields we think that the masks will help in a lot of different areas at the same time by supporting this organisation.

We believe that everyone who is able should do something within the frame of their possibilities to help others in this time. It can really be anything as help your neighbors or donating items you don’t need yourself anymore to ones that now need it the most. There are so many people who don‘t have a place of abode, some in fear of their existence or just reaching their limits in some way because of the current situation.

Give yourself the time you need to look around you and find something you can do for others, that you are able to. We all need help from others soon or later.

Thank you FÖRDERN & WOHNEN for the lovely picture.