A lovestory about Freedom & Dedication

Every person has their own story, framed by everything experienced in life. And sometimes we come across some women that truly inspire us with their personality and individual story.

This happened, when we met Anne Taravet in Alentejo, Portugal. Together, with her 5 dogs, Anne travels in her van, enjoying her life surfing, relaxing at the beach and being with friends.

Camera: William Albright
Editing: Koen & Anne Dijkstra (creativebros.)
Location: Portugal
Music: Some say I am lucky by Kevin Conlon

"I knew how to swim before how to walk."

Born and raised in Morocco, she lived close to the Atlantic ocean and spent most of her time inside and on top of the waves. Her first "surfboard" was an air mattress. This is 50 years ago by now. The air mattress was followed by real surfboards of friends, until Anne had her first own board and started her first contest in Morrocco, being the only woman back then. In 1980 Anne entered the world championship in Biarritz and went second.

"Look at the ocean and learn from the ocean."

Today, for Anne, surfing is not about competition at all. It's about spending time in and at the ocean. Riding on her motorbike to the beach and enjoying waves with friends. Always respecting the ocean and learning from it.

In Portugal, Anne found her dream - an easy down-to-earth life that is framed by the ocean, the nature, beloved people and her rescued dogs.