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Artikel: World Water Day 2021

World Water Day 2021

World Water Day 2021

What does Water mean to you?

This is the leading question of this year’s World Water Day. Founded by the UN-Water in 1993, this day is meant to raise awareness for issues related to the finite natural resource of water. Today this is more important than ever: about 2.2 billion people live without access to safe drinking water. About 4 billion people, experience severe water scarcity at least one month annually (Mekonnen and Hoekstra, 2016). 

The UN World Water Day stands for taking action to tackle the global water crisis and supporting the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, water and sanitation for all people by 2030.

This year’s focus is on valuing water, as water can have different meanings to different people. How we value water also determines how we care for it. If we think about it it becomes clear that water holds an enormous value for our health, education, culture and foremost the integrity of our natural environment.

Beyond the obvious

While water is essential for all life on earth for some of us it even has recreational, cultural and spiritual attributes. And we at MYMARINI can relate to this. As surfers we have a special connection to the ocean and it´s energy. We believe that it has so much to offer that, when stressed or unbalanced, the best thing we can imagine is jumping into the ocean, catching some waves, letting all bad energies drain away and recharge. 

Naturally, this is not the only way we value water, but it is a very strong aspect for us. Nevertheless, we are constantly reminding ourselves that we are in a very privileged situation by having access to safe water sources at all times. 

Water & Education

In many countries of the global south it is mostly the task of women and girls to fetch water from a well, which is often located far away from their home. It is a time consuming and energy draining task and repeatedly a reason why girls cannot follow education. Simply because they do not have the time to do so. Water still is an essential and vital good in this case, but the lack of accessibility is a big burden at the same time that has to be acknowledged and must be tackled to ensure a sustainable development and equal rights. 


Everyday is World Water Day

In the end it is important to understand that there are various starting points that determine the value of water for each individual and all have their justification. Generally, we should take the time to appreciate the things we take for granted more often. Pause and become aware of the value that surrounds you. To appreciate water and care for it and our surrounding is not only important today, on World Water Day, but every day of our life. If we want to achieve the goal that everyone in the world can access clean water and sanitation by 2030, we must act together. 

If you are keen to find out a little more we recommend to browse the UN World Water Development Report which will be published today, March 22nd, 2021. Just like this year's World Water Day it focuses on water and it's values and delivers further information and recommendations for action.



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