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Artikel: How we deal with Covid 19

How we deal with Covid 19

How we deal with Covid 19

When we decided to close our store because of Covid-19 we thought about alternatives for our new store assistant, who just started working in our teams two weeks before we had to close the store. We wanted to find a useful job for her, instead of applying for short-time work allowance, so we decided to ask her if she wants to use one of her other talents and write some texts for MYMARINI.
This is what she wrote about about Covid 19 and it's effects.


The most written word 2020? Well…. Nearly everything we read these days is of course about covid-19. How to deal with it, what to do in your free time, what actually means solidarity and who is really important in our society. Since we now finally talk about jobs that seemed to be forgotten a long time and try to take care of each other, we also talk about the the positive things this virus could do to us and our environment.
We also have to ask ourselves if it is appropriate to turn the Pandemic into a personal, positive thing, is it ok to use the self isolation for a „spiritual break“ or for a deep cleanse in your home?
People are dying because of Covid-19, people are suffering under humiliating conditions without a chance to protect themselves or another. So in fact this virus takes human life, in any way we could imagine. Therefore it hurts even more seeing people who don’t take it seriously at all. As we all should know now: we have to show solidarity, stay home and avert social interactions. We should try to support businesses, help people in risk groups and wash our hands.
But while we sit in our home office, or just home without office, with or without children, alone or with people we live together it get’s more difficult every day. And many of us ask themselves if it’s ok to feel that way because having a home, food and enough money to live is a very privileged position.
But in fact every emotion is allowed, none of your feelings are wrong.
It is ok to feel trapped someday, to feel uncomfortable, to feel like you’re not able to work on a project and it’s ok to do nothing but watching Netflix all day long. Privileged Situations can and will hurt you and your mental health, there is always someone who suffers „more“ anywhere, anytime. You should do your best to support others that are not that privileged but that doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to feel bad.

You don’t have to sort out your whole live and find your inner peace while the whole world is going through a crisis.

The whole pressure assuming from the „spiritual breaks“ or „to dos while quarantine“ is not healthy and not realistic based on what’s going on right now. It’s not about who suffers the most or who „makes the best out of quarantine“ and it is not about being a better human afterwards.
I think it’s not a coincidence that jokes about self isolation and bad habits at home are going viral, it’s a sign that people are desperate, they want to turn their situation in something funny, they want good feelings from basically no good things happening. We are all used to freedom and endless possibilities, now we experience restriction for the first time- of course we feel different and stumbled. Your feelings don’t mean that you are disrespectful, selfish or irreverent.

So what „positive“ impacts does the crisis have for the environment? And how could Covid-19 change our society and the way we think?

Because of the decline in the economy and cutting back the industry the air quality is constantly getting better. Both nitrogene dioxide and carbon dioxide concentrations decrease. There is less trash on the street because of missing tourism. But not only the environment tries to heal in it’s little break from humans, a lot of us do heal too.
The Crisis leads us to spend way more time with ourselves than usual. We of course do and will struggle with that, but maybe it will also take us to a state of mind where we understand what we and our consume did to us and our society. Maybe we will learn something about what we really need and what we are seeking for. Some of us will finally call the person that we never „had the time to“ and will remember to just take the time that’s needed for calling loved ones. Some will do hobbies again that where forgotten years and years and other ones will get the amount of sleep that they never got while rushing through their hurried life.

So basically, what ever you make out of your Quaran-time or your self isolation is enough, also to do nothing at all. Dealing with what is happening on earth can be occupying enough.

Hopefully we will grow from that, and hopefully we grow together. The now needed solidarity could teach us to be less selfish. Watching out for our neighbors, offering help to older people and be kind to one another could be the biggest lesson for all of us.



Hi, I‘m Vera, 21 years old and would call myself a slow fashion enthusiast. I love contact with customers and working with clothes so I was excited about working in the MYMARINI store. But I do also really enjoy social media and writing so the offer for this alternative activity because of the current situation was just the right thing for me. 

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