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Artikel: A Lovestory about Breath & Water

A Lovestory about Breath & Water
Inspiring women

A Lovestory about Breath & Water

Nix Rose Oceans, living by the sea, describes herself as an ocean child who is dedicated to stretching out comfort zones. We asked her a few questions about her and her passions to share her answers with all our water lovers.

„It’s a state of mind. Happily knowing nothing, but knowing we know the truth by how it feels. For me it feels best combing through riding breath and ocean waves. I am endlessly grateful for this gift of life and beyond grateful to share and teach the love of breath and water. It’s such a privilege.“

What do you love about Cornwall and living by the sea? 

Living on the ocean I am in tune with all of it. Whether sitting, listening, watching, meditating, or diving under, surfing over, swimming through the waves. The ocean provides me with knowledge, skill and the opportunity to move and live from deep down. Land is wonderful to eat and sleep but the ocean is where we live, it just feels good.

Tell us about your connection to water and how you discovered it as your element.

Water has always been my element even though I have no memory of learning to swim. It is natural to me - from snorkeling the sallow turquoise water of isla balerics with my father, to swimming through school, working as a divemaster on conservation projects, swimming through my pregnancies, teaching baby swimming and coaching triathletes. My connection to water is everything, we are water after all.

We are shaped by what we rest on, I rest mainly on water! When I’m playing with water I’m home, happy, harmonious. Ages seem more forgotten and delight more easily accessed where the land meets the sea. It’s simply my happy place.

How do you see breathwork in relation to that?

Breathwork in relationship to the water has been a huge gamechanger for me. The more confidence we have in our breath the more we can challenge ourselves in the water.

Breathwork connects us to our breath which is our life force. As we inhale, as the breath enters our noses, cruising over our nose hair, it sends a message to our nervous systems and a deep internal conversation begins. Breath gifts our body and all its faculties the energy required to function optimally.
The breath grounds us whether on land or in the sea - it gives us the opportunity to respond instead of reacting. For me, it’s like a sacred pause to center.

In what kind of situations does yoga and breathwork or being in the water support you?

For me, these tools support me in all situations and they ground me. So, whatever my challenge is, from conversation to deep dive or a bigger wave, I can turn down fear and turn up calmness. They are the best practices and the best tools I have found to stay on my peace.

Water also supports me as it is and the creatures I’ve met through it like whale sharks, octopuses or turtles. Also it is about the places I have seen like Nazare, Cornwall or Mozambique and the people I have met through water play. The connections are deeper, memories sharper, somehow water allows the goodness, giggles, to grow a little stronger.

Which sentence describes your life best or what are you trying to embody in your life?

The sentence that describes my life best is „I just wanna know, how far can we grow, getting stretched by joy, with hearts smiling.“ I most enjoy embodying as a woman and a mama the principle that we are always responsible for our responses, no exceptions.

Have you already heard our meditation by Nix Oceans? Hop over and come back to yourself.

In July 2021 Nix Oceans sadly passed away. We are devastated and deeply sorry about the passing of Nix. Despite never having met Nix in person, we saw her as a friend and her life was a great inspiration to us. Our sincerest sympathy goes to the family and loved ones on behalf of all of us at MYMARINI.

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Meditation Practice by Nix Ocean
Inspiring women

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