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Artikel: A Day in the Park Selection

A Day in the Park Selection

A Day in the Park Selection

There is a long weekend incoming! Three free days instead of two, means there is a lot of time available to spend outside. As we are entering June, everything is green outside and finally there are no jackets or coats needed anymore. Studies proof that time outside, surrounded by nature decreases the level of cortisol, also called the stress hormone.

Of course it is not always possible to get to the deep woods or national parks, however some time im your local park can also already relax your body and mind. In the Hamburg area, we suggest you to check out the 'Jenischpark'.

This selection "A day in the park" is inspired by some calm hours on a meadow in the sun, surrounded by trees and plants while reading a book. It is a selection created to feel chic, comfortable and totally relaxed. Also check out the book: It is a call for climate action painted in a beautiful story about connection and the power of nature.

You can find all products online and in our new flagship store. We're looking forward to welcoming you there!

  1. MYMARINI, ISLAND DRESS chocolate, Sold out
  2. GUANABANA, WOVEN SLIP-ON aqua, available here
  3. MYMARINIxGOBI, VARES, available here
  4. MYMARINI, BEACH RUG, available here
  5. THE END OF THE OCEAN, Book, available here
  6. THE BASKET ROOM, WOVEN SISAL BASKET nature, available here

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