The Swim Apparel collection shows the full impact of minimal design — swimwear and ready-to-wear styles in a reduced color range.

The fabric has a finely ribbed structure and is super soft. The outfits are made of two layers — for maximum comfort and good support. SPORT DRESS, PLAYSUIT, and TANKTOP have an integrated bustier.

Not only for the beach — combined with pants or a skirt, the SWIM APPAREL styles are also suitable for your everyday outfit.

All styles are available in four colors:


  • off-white

  • black

Playsuit black, 245€

it's Groundwater neutral!

We are proud that also the Swim Apparel '23 collection is certified as groundwater neutral by the Klimapatenschaft Hamburg. To achieve this, we support the local reforestation project in the Klövensteen Forest. By the end of 2023, 30.000 trees will be planted on our behalf. These trees will generate six million liters of additional groundwater every year!