“If you’re happy with your own life, you can do good for others and the planet.”

Mareen Burk, founder and designer of MYMARINI.

Created to make a difference

As a swimwear label, we’re part of the fashion industry. With that comes the responsibility for us to help shape the industry in a sustainable way, and to drive change towards a cleaner and fairer world. We do our best to produce our clothing in harmony with nature, and to pursue our mission of building a brand that enriches the lives of everyone involved – from the people who source the materials, to you, our customers. We’re proving that fashion and sustainability go together, and we’re mindfully setting our own standards to match our core values.

How it all started

MYMARINI was born from the love of nature, surfing, and the sea. MYMARINI’s founder and designer, Mareen Burk, took time off from her professional life in 2012 to travel and fully dedicate herself to surfing. In her search for sustainable swimwear that wasn’t just suitable for surfing but was also modern and elegant, Mareen realized how far conventional swimwear was from being resource-friendly and produced under fair working conditions. She wanted to change that – for herself, society, and the environment. She wrote the first business plan while she was still traveling. Once Mareen got back to Germany, she founded the sustainable swimwear label in Hamburg in 2013.


2013 Mareen founds the sustainable swimwear label MYMARINI.
2015 MYMARINI is featured in "Brigitte" magazine – public awareness rises overnight, and the company grows.
2016 Annette, Mareen's mother, takes over the logistics department and from now on MYMARINIs products are shipped from Triberg in the Black Forest.
2017 Better together: Willi, Mareen's partner, becomes a partner at the company.

For the first time ever, MYMARINI is represented at fashion fairs in Berlin and Paris.

A good move: cooperation with a Swiss department store begins – it’s remained one of MYMARINI's biggest retailers to date.
MYMARINI Retreats begin: these retreats are the perfect choice for clients to immerse themselves in the MYMARINI lifestyle – including surfing, yoga, and delicious food.
2018 Opening of the flagship store in Hamburg.
2019 Lia starts as the first employee and enriches the company with her expertise.
2020 The MYMARINI family keeps growing. By the end of the year, twelve employees are part of the company.
The collection is expanded and MYMARINI now offers organic cotton ‘Retreat Wear.’
More space is needed: the office moves to the “Piano Forte Fabrik” in the heart of Hamburg.
2021 The first MYMARINI magazine is published.
Several new collections are launched. There is the swimwear collection Swim Apparel, summer styles for casual beach days and MYMARINI also expands the range to include an underwear collection made from residual material fabrics as well as a new LOUNGEWEAR collection made from TENCEL™ Lyocell.
By now, 21 employees are part of the MYMARINI team.
The contract for our new flagship store with 180m² is signed.
MYMARINI donates 20.227 euros to social projects and charitable organizations in 2021.

The people behind MYMARINI

While MYMARINI started as a one-woman company in 2012, the team now consists of 21 employees and several freelancers. We benefit from flat hierarchies and weekly team meetings, which ensure that everyone is heard and can voice their ideas.

Our team in Hamburg

The MYMARINI headquarters are located in the beautiful city of Hamburg. This is where we plan the new collections, maintain the online store, and address your concerns. We attach great importance to establishing a good working relationship and open communication.

Our team in the Blackwood Forest

From the Black Forest to the world: The MYMARINI Shipping Department in Triberg is the irreplaceable interface between our online store and our customers. This is where we package all MYMARINI orders before shipping them all over the world, complete with a handwritten card. The packages for our business partners are also packaged and shipped here once a year. Logistics is a family matter for us: Since launching our online store, Annette Burk, Mareen’s mother, has been responsible for keeping the warehouse running smoothly. Along with her constantly growing team, Annette works at full speed to ensure that all MYMARINIs reach their new owners quickly.