Our Philosophy

An ethical swimwear collection from Hamburg.
For surfers who care, and for all others, who love water, sports, style and our planet.


Once Charles Eames said: "The details are not the details, they make the design."

We definitely share this beautiful view! You will love your MYMARINI, not only because it’s reversible and you get two designs. The soft touch of the quality and the seamless design gives you a super comfortable feeling and the fully lined double-layered production creates something - well, we like to call the "mini shape effect". With the sporty and elegant styles you will always feel contemporary and confident.



MYMARINI is not only about producing beautiful swimwear, we also want to make it possible for all partners and friends involved to have a beautiful life.

We take extra care that everybody is paid fair and the working conditions are more than good. The yarn and the labels are made in Germany, the fabric comes from Italy and the designs are developed in Hamburg. With full awareness we chose Croatia for our production. Here we find the quality and expertise required for our swimwear.



We design our swimwear in a timeless look using the highest quality textiles we could find on the market. We create the MYMARINIs double layered.

All this makes sure, that you will be happy with your MYMARINI for a long time and not only for one season. The fast fashion industry has brought suffering to large parts of the world, this is our contribution to make it better.

The fabric we use is manufactured in Italy in an eco-friendly and conscious way. Our supplier promoted sustainability and environmental awareness long before it became fashionable. An innovative chemical-physical wastewater treatment plant ensures a minimum impact on the environment. Methane gas is used for the production, the cleanest fossil fuel currently available. The water used for the production is treated to remove most pollutants before sending it to the municipal purification system. Furthermore the thermal energy emitted by the machines and equipment is reused to reduce CO2 and emissions to values 10 times lower than those foreseen by the law. All production steps are in compliance with the current European regulations and national and international laws.

All steps in the production of a MYMARINI find place in Europe leading to a small CO2 footprint.




The fabric is unusually thick and soft to the touch. It is stretchable in two ways, which gives you a very flexible and snug fit.
The fabric is composed of 80% PA (Polyamid), and 20% EA (Elasthan) and certified by the Öko-Tex Standard 100. It is washable and free from any toxins and certified UPF 50+



MYMARINI stands for simple design with perfect fit, focusing on the essential. Our mission is to provide fashionable, excellent quality and planet-friendly swimwear. 
Thank you for supporting independent and ethical design!