Get to know @heavenlynnhealthy’s favorite MYMARINI styles!

We had a special visitor in our new flagship store in Hamburg Eppendorf. Lynn, founder and creative mind of the blog Heavenlynn Healthy, came by for chats and trying on MYMARINI outfits.

Lynn’s passion is a healthy lifestyle that includes all home-made recipes, a holistic approach to health & natural beauty, as well as fair fashion. She already published two books and an ebook with her most loved recipes. Read her blog and books for tons of healthy inspiration!

Lynn loves and wears MYMARINI for many years now, so we thought, it’s about time to introduce you to her styles of this season as well as her longterm favorites.

Find the collection „Loved by Lynn“ and get inspired!

The collection is mainly based on the outfits that we created in the store and that you see here on the pictures.

How do you like Lynn’s favorites and what is your favorite outfit?

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