For us Sustainability is a holistic concept: From plastic-free packaging, over green finances and fair payments all the way to paperless accounting. That is why we are always looking to improve current processes and innovate our products for a sustainable development. While this means e.g. reduction of environmental emissions we also care about the health and well-being of every being along our supply chain.


MYMARINIs' values are rooted in the idea that a sustainable lifestyle means to have time to care for yourself, your family, friends and other beings around you.

We believe that time is the key for happiness. That’s why we not only produce beautiful swimwear, but we also want to enable all our friends, partners and employees to live a healthy and enjoyable life. Ensuring that they have the time for the really important things - themselves, their families, friends and a joyful and mindful life.


While Mareen started MYMARINI in 2013 as a one-woman business with almost nothing the MYMARINI family counts 13 employees and several freelancer in the beginning of 2021. The team is benefiting from flat hierarchies and weekly team meetings are ensuring that everyone is heard, and ideas can become realities.

Sharing the key values of MYMARINI is essential for a harmonious team. So, from time to time, we lean back and enjoy some free time together ...


Naturally, we pay great attention to ensure that everyone in our supply chain is fairly paid and that the working conditions are complying with high standards. That is one of the reasons we are producing within Europe, as this gives us the opportunity to visit our partners on a regular basis. Due to the Corona crisis in 2020, it was unfortunately not possible to visit our suppliers and production in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, but we were in touch with everyone at all times and are happy that we could keep our productions running safely.

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Along our entire supply chain, we strive to keep resource usage low. For this reason, we build on our trusted production partners and suppliers within Europe, which use exceptionally modern technologies to mitigate Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and water usage. While our entire manufacturing partners are based in Europe, our Organic Cotton is grown, harvested and woven in India. Simply because cotton grows traditionally and naturally due to the climatic conditions in India. This means it needs less irrigation and treatment. This super soft fabric is then finished in Germany without the use of harmful chemicals.


Producing within Europe enables us to keep short distances and hence to mitigate CO2 emissions. Your MYMARINIs are enjoying a plastic free packaging and are shipped climate-neutral with DHL GoGreen (all emissions are compensated) within Germany.

When unpacking your MYMARINI, you will be surprised by our first own magazine filled with information, beautiful pictures and inspiring interviews - of course printed climate-neutral, just like all our print products will be from 2021 on.


The MYMARINI Magazine 2021 is also the launch of our #waterislove campaign.

As a swimwear brand we are caring strongly about water as a resource. We also see our responsibility in raising awareness for global issues of our times. Water needs our attention on so many different levels - from marine pollution, to the lack of safe drinking water and sanitation for 2.2 billion people worldwide.

Using modern technologies enables our Italian fabric producer to recycle the water several times and release it back to nature afterwards without any hazardous chemicals. This means that more than two thirds of the water can be returned to its natural cycle.

Our designs are even produced with the power of water, as our Croatian production is using hydro power produced by the local river.

While we cannot avoid the usage of water entirely during production processes, we are giving back to nature. Together with the Klimapatenschaft we planted the first 160 trees in 2020 in a local restoration project close to Hamburg. Every year these trees are going to balance out 33.000 liters of additional groundwater. We are aware that this was only a small step on our way to become water neutral, but we are willing to go this path all the way in the closer future. That’s why we are working on a concept to eventually be able to compensate the water footprint not only of our products, but also our office, store and shipping department.


For our swimwear designs, that are mostly reversible, we use the highest quality fabrics we can find on the market, to ensure that your MYMARINI stays beautiful for many years to come.

To reduce our environmental impact, we choose to use the regenerated nylon yarn ECONYL®. Not only is it produced with 100% nylon waste (pre- and postconsumer), but compared to virgin nylon, ECONYL® reduces the global warming impact up to 90%. It also tackles the problem of ghostfishing by collecting lost or abandoned fishing nets for nylon regeneration.

2020 we were able to use 5,14 tons of ECONYL® yarn and therefore

  • saved 35,98 barrels of crude oil
  • avoided 29,35 tons of CO2 emission
  • recovered 8,12 tons of pre- and postconsumer waste

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We won’t stand still when it comes to creating innovative ideas for a sustainable development of our products. And we take responsibility for our products. That’s why we are currently working on a Return System for our MYMARINIs, recycling options for our cotton collection and a truly circular swimwear design.
While the first steps are made, there are still some obstacles to overcome before our circular dream becomes true.
MYMARINI swimwear is not yet completely recyclable due to the elastane that is added to make it stretchy and elasticated. Once the two have been mixed, it is not easily possible to separate them from each other.

That’s why we are currently looking into innovative fabrics, which will enable us to close the loop and continue minimizing the impact of our production on the environment.

Small changes with meaningful impacts

We are well aware that our consumption patterns mostly have big influence. That is why we make a difference on a daily basis by selecting products with a positive social and environmental impact. Like Nuru coffee, Goldeimer toilet paper or Viva con Agua (VcA) water.

With every package of Nuru Coffee we actively support the emancipation of women in Ethiopia. Nuru Coffee

Goldeimer and VcA supports projects to give thousands of people access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Goldeimer

“You don´t talk about money” is what many would say- but we do! Many conventional banks are using “the money of their clients” for investments in non-renewable energies, defense industry or other non-sustainable endeavors! To make sure that our company finances have a positive impact, we trust in GLS as our banking partner. This way we are assured that our money is used to support organic farming, clean energies and overall, the transformation towards a sustainable future.

Education as the key for transformation

In 2019 the messages of the Fridays for Future movement definitely got the ball rolling on climate actions globally. And then - Corona hit the brakes on it again.

We want to take action for sustainable development. Education is an important part of that: in the future we want to educate school children about water scarcity, marine litter and water related issues that may be right in front of their and our own door.

Keeping the natural world intact and respect the planetary boundaries to enable future generations to enjoy this beautiful planet, starts with understanding the underlying problems. With our MYMARINI Magazine 2021 and the launch of our Water is Love campaign we aim to reach our community and raise awareness for social and environmental issues of our times.

More to come

Transparency and honesty are very important values for us at MYMARINI. We are constantly working on improvements on all levels and will soon offer even more insights.

We hope that together with your MYMARINI style you can also find all the information about our values, production and materials that you are looking for. If you have further questions you can either have a look at our FAQ or send us an email and we will come back to you.