Focus on what really matters

We believe that people can achieve a sustainable lifestyle if they have enough time for themselves, their family, friends, and others around them. MYMARINI's values are closely linked to this idea. That’s why we not only produce beautiful swimwear, but also want to provide a healthy and pleasant life for all our friends, partners, and employees.

Fair working conditions

Naturally, we pay great attention to ensure that everyone in our supply chain is fairly paid and that the working conditions are complying with high standards. That is one of the reasons we are producing within Europe, as this gives us the opportunity to visit our partners on a regular basis.

Eco-friendly production

Designed in Hamburg – produced in Europe. Our designs all come from our Hamburg headquarters. MYMARINIs are then manufactured by our production partners in Portugal and Croatia. From plastic-free packaging, over green finances and fair payments all the way to paperless accounting we are always looking to improve current processes and innovate our products for a sustainable development.

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Sustainable materials

For our styles, we use the highest quality fabrics we can find on the market to ensure that each MYMARINI stays beautiful for many years to come. When selecting our suppliers, we take various criteria into account. In addition to sustainability and environmental issues, we look at how they work, evaluate how innovative they are, and how closely we can work together to continuously optimize all production steps.

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Price transparency

We strive for humanity over profit, a green planet and fair payment. At MYMARINI, we believe in transparency so that you, the consumer, can make an informed decision. That's why we're working hard to break down the individual cost points for every product in our online store. So you know exactly where your money is going. This feature is coming to our online shop very soon!

Till then you can get insights into the price calculation of two of our bestsellers here.

Becoming circular

We’re always actively developing innovative ideas for the sustainable development of our products. Currently we're working on a return system for our MYMARINIs, recycling options for our cotton collection, and a truly circular swimwear design.

Unfortunately, due to the material mix of Econyl® yarn with elastane, so far the fabrics aren’t fully recyclable. To close the loop and further minimize the impact of our production on the environment, we’re currently experimenting with exciting new materials.

Water neutrality

As a swimwear brand, water as a resource is an issue very close to our hearts. We also see our responsibility in creating awareness for the most pressing global issues of our time. Water needs our attention on so many different levels – from marine pollution to the lack of clean drinking water and sanitation for 2.2 billion people worldwide.

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Social Responsibility

We want to use our success to do good – for both humans and nature. That's why we’re taking action towards achieving sustainable development, and enter into partnerships with nonprofit organizations and social projects that address issues close to our own hearts. To learn more about our social projects, click on a link below.

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