Take Back Update #2

It's time for an update on our Take Back pilot project once again! Over the past three months, we've made significant progress and want to keep you informed about our current status.

The project has been running for nearly six months now, and we are truly overwhelmed by the response and your support. In total, we've already received 132 items through our Take Back program from all of you. It's fantastic to see how enthusiastically this project has been embraced.

Currently, we're in the planning phase for the next stage of the project and remain committed to keeping the TAKE BACK program alive even beyond the one-year testing phase. Your engagement and the positive results are highly motivating us to continue our work on this project.

At the moment, we're actively collaborating with various partners in the textile and recycling industries to explore potential options for the items that have been returned. While there aren't concrete solutions for reuse or recycling just yet, we're optimistic that, together with our partners, we can develop innovative solutions in the future. Over the next few months, we'll be diligently evaluating these possibilities.

Please continue to send back your old MYMARINI items to us. Every return contributes to making our design future more responsible. We are grateful for your ongoing support and the trust you've placed in our project.

Stay tuned for more updates and news about our Take Back program.