ease - Merzhausen near Freiburg

The "ease" store by Leonie Gensitz in the district of Merzhausen in Freiburg is a place that combines physiotherapy treatments, Pilates courses, and a shop for swimwear. Sustainability, functionality, and fashion are combined here to give every visitor a good feeling about their body.

How did the collaboration with MYMARINI came about?

I discovered MYMARINI for myself 3 years ago and became addicted. The feeling of wearing a MYMARINI in the water is indescribable and connects the body directly with the element of water.

What do you enjoy most about your job

The variety and diversity inspire me in my job, and I am happy to get to know many different personalities.

Do you have a personal favorite MYMARINI?

The Ready-to-wear is my daily companion, and the Loose Leggings are my absolute favorite.

Which is the best place in your city and surroundings to wear a MYMARINI?

Merzhausen is located on the idyllic Schönberg. Swimming pools, outdoor pools, and also lakes invite you to wear MYMARINI. Each individual piece is an eye-catcher.


Visit ease in Merzhausen

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