Betsy Peyman - Magdeburg

Looking for a trendy selection of fair fashion products? Betsy Peyman has got you covered with brands like ArmedAngels, Knowledge Cotton Apparel, JAN'N'JUNE, and of course, MYMARINI! Betsy Peyman is a lovely shop owner who offers great conversations, competent and honest advice, and on top of that, the store has a little café where you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Betsy, what inspired you to open a store?

The store has been around since March 2019. There was no fair fashion place in Magdeburg, and for me, it was just clear that Magdeburg needed stores like ours - so I stayed in Magdeburg and did it myself.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Definitely the conversations in the store. Talking about textiles all day, telling interested customers about new materials, and being able to bring Fair Fashion to the people is what I enjoy the most.

How long have you been stocking MYMARINI, and how did the collaboration come about?

MYMARINI has been available in our store since day 1 (2019). We started with MYMARINI directly in the first summer season. I met Mareen at the Neonyt in Berlin. I already knew about MYMARINI but saw their products live for the first time at the show and was immediately convinced by the quality and the cut.

What is the best place in your city to wear a MYMARINI?

My absolute new favorite MYMARINI is the Holiday Oneshoulder. It looks sporty but also very elegant.

The Neustädter See or the "old Elbe." These places are perfect for relaxing in the fast-paced everyday life. My personal moment of happiness with MYMARINI was last year when I met a customer in the outdoor pool, and she was wearing her new swimsuit and told me how happy she was with her new Fair Fashion swimsuit.


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